Sanming, a black school bus seat into serious surchage checked 7 20

Sanming, a black school bus seat 7 serious surchage checked into 20 students according to Sanming reported recently, the traffic police detachment, the traffic police brigade in the province to carry out serious violations focused campaigns, seized along with the black school bus overload case. In September 7th 16 PM, Youxi traffic police brigade and police to carry out joint road in the village of Huizhou United Xiang Jiuwei vehicles, Fujian GS70**, a small ordinary passenger oncoming, when the police conducted a routine check of the car, I saw the driver Zheng Mouguang flustered, the police found the car through the glass carrier are students. And the number of the car immediately checked. The investigation found that the core set for the number 7 car was carrying 20 people, is a serious overcrowding, and the vehicle for the illegal operation of vehicles, but do not have the school bus operation qualification. At present, the driver Zheng Mouguang has been investigated by public security organs on suspicion of dangerous driving crime. Traffic police remind: school bus safety is related to the healthy growth of each child, related to the happiness of every family. The majority of parents consciously suppress overcrowding, unlicensed vehicles to shuttle students to actively supervise children in kindergartens and schools for the use and management of the school bus, found a black school bus or overcrowding phenomenon should be promptly reported to the public security organs.

三明一黑校车严重超员被查 7人座挤进20个学生   据三明交警支队报道,近日,尤溪交警大队在开展严重违法行为集中整治行动中,查获一起黑“校车”严重超员案件。   9月7日16时许,尤溪交警大队与联合派出所在联合乡惠州村开展路面纠违,一辆车辆为闽GS70**号小型普通客车迎面驶来,当民警对 该车进行例行检查时,只见驾驶员郑某广神色慌张,民警透过玻璃发现车内载的都是学生,且人数多,立即上车进行检查。经查,发现该核载人数为7人的小车内竟 乘坐了20人,属严重超员,且该车为非法营运车辆,更不具备校车营运资质。   目前,驾驶员郑某广因涉嫌危险驾驶罪已被公安机关立案侦查。   交警提醒:校车安全关乎着每一个孩子的健康成长,关系到每一个家庭的幸福美满。请广大家长自觉抑制超员、无资质的车辆接送学生,积极监督孩子所在的幼儿园、学校对于校车的使用和管理,发现有使用黑“校车”或者出现超员等现象时要及时向公安机关举报。相关的主题文章:

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