Scholar Zhang Jian’s business empire to

Scholar Zhang Jian’s business empire to collapse? [Abstract] because of heavy burden and large losses year after year, Johnson finally could not endure, dedicated to one Zhang Jian to save a country "finally to have to consider to foreign borrowing to maintain the daily operations of the enterprise level. To save a country by one person, to one person to one country, which is the late Qing Dynasty famous businessman Zhang Jian’s words. Zhang Jian’s business empire in the past ten years, the rapid development and expansion, and in the past few years, the rapid decline of bankruptcy, because of feelings. As a businessman, Zhang Jian has a very great ambition, he believed in the two theory of life, believe in "iron" cotton "in the economy, is to rely on the development of the national economy of textile industry and smelting iron industry; in politics from the" village "that can be found in Chinese save method. The so-called "village", is actually the local autonomy of the pronoun, talk about the risk of "autonomy" two words in the feudal society to take too much, so Zhang Jian used an alternative method to elaborate their own ideals. In addition to business in the early years of the hand strapped, Zhang Jian always spare no effort to use the money to expand the production scale and the types of business. According to historical records, after the large raw mill run more than ten years, Zhang Jian opened in succession to farming and husbandry company, iron factory, paper mill, match factory, salt company etc.. Such a large scale and various industrial factories, is unmatched. It is particularly worth mentioning is that when the Tonghai farming Reclamation Corporation, Dasheng cotton mill running smoothly, the source of cotton spinning material — a problem. When Zhang Jian makes a dramatic decision: Land Reclamation planting cotton! So he created the Tonghai farming Reclamation Corporation, build sea dam, has one hundred and twenty thousand acres of farmland, which alone with no predecessors. Zhang Jian’s office of farming and husbandry company, but also to give Nantong a stable source of employment, which embodied him is still serving the people’s feelings. However, Zhang Jian industrial road but also can only go so far, when he turned his eyes to the more distant, a shadow like night like blocked his way. Zhang Jian once tried to autonomy of Nantong extended to a wider range, so he pushed the "plan of Xuzhou Province, is also in the establishment of an independent outside Jiangning’s political and economic center, it touched the interests of all parties and the chiefs of the local officials, they teamed up in the block, only the establishment of Xuzhou Province set up a name name by canal governor to Jianghuai admirals only, the original idea and Zhang Jian difference one hundred and eight thousand. Another blow, then he tried to seek foreign capitalists and set up overseas trading company, and ultimately because imperialism is not willing to Zhang Jian to become bigger and stronger enterprises ended in failure. The failure of successive establishment of Xuzhou province and the overseas trade, let Zhang Jian became impatient, who feared their ideals and aspirations can be realized in the rest of life, and intensify the industrial investment, after just a few years, he was not seriously considering the cost and market situation, and based on a large factory two, the factory has built six large mills, to the big eight factory built, which violates the business rules of mass behavior has let students Xing factory company overwhelmed. Alas, this time Zhang Jian in order to let south.相关的主题文章:

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