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School season, the child separation anxiety how to do? Sohu mother and child in September is the beginning of the season, many children are going to enter the kindergarten collective life, the beginning of a new stage of life. But the children left their parents for the first time alone, came to a strange environment, listening to the teacher’s arrangement, make new partners, he hold she live? Although a lot of mothers began to do ideological work for children, kindergarten will also open on the first day of school. But there are still a lot of children who do not want to worry about leaving mom and dad…… But as parents, what should we do? Or meet the child separation anxiety how to deal with, help children through the difficulties? Especially the elderly with children, separation anxiety may be more serious, how to overcome? Some parents may say, the child has been on the development course, often go out to travel, will take the initiative to greet people, can adapt to the social environment, must not exist "separation anxiety"! In fact, not necessarily, separation anxiety is actually a child’s sense of security. Talk time: September 3, 2016 Saturday morning 10:00-12:00 Venue: Willow amcare women’s and children’s Hospital Medical Center (Haidian District Willow Road No. 7) recruits: 20 groups of school aged children 2-4 years old parents, if grandparents with children, parents can come together to note: special, do not come with children. Registration: click on the text [to read the original] I want to participate, and please carefully read the text of the participation. The psychological behavior of children Jie Ren lecturer master of medicine integrated early child development experts undergraduate student at Tongji Medical University, master student in maternal and Child Health Department of Zhongshan Medical University, majoring in child psychology and behavior. 10 years of comprehensive development of children and children’s psychological behavior in Haidian Maternal and Child Care Service Centre. In the children’s play therapy, sandplay therapy, painting therapy, maternal child relationship training and other related psychology of learning. Have rich experience for the physical development of the children aged 0-3 years, children’s nutrition and eating behavior, mental development and behavioral development, psychological development and other aspects of the guidance, to provide systematic and comprehensive guidance for parents in child health care clinic. In the psychological clinic, listen and solve the parents in the psychological and behavioral aspects of parenting confusion, carried out on children’s emotional problems, children with autism, Tourette’s syndrome, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, to diagnosis and guide issues such as admission to school. In their daily work and real life (the mother of two boys) has accumulated rich experience with children, to various parenting concepts and skills with my mom and dad to share, you become a healthy and happy child rearing a good helper. Look forward to meet with you in the willow amcare women and children’s hospital. Work time: Monday, Tuesday in the United States Wanliu, Wednesday, Thursday (8:00-16:30)相关的主题文章:

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