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Scientists from deep space information received rare guess aliens sent – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on October 27th: British media said, scientists heard a lot of rare information from deep space, they think that this information may be sent by the aliens. According to the British newspaper "independent" website reported on October 25th, to a group of stars from the tiny rare light pulse of the latest analysis information seems to indicate that this information might be some extraterrestrial intelligence is trying to inform us of their presence. According to the new study, scientists have found in a space observation that only 234 of the 2 million 500 thousand stars have this unique optical pulse signal. The study found that a small part of them seemed strange. It is difficult for scientists to make clear and reasonable explanations for these strange behavior, so they think they may be messages from aliens, the report said. Bora EF? And E? Te Rottier said in the report: "we found that these monitoring signals and a previous report predicted (extraterrestrial intelligence) signal form completely consistent, so we also agree with this assumption." The two scientists at the University of Laval in Quebec, said: "only a small part of the stars of this signal, and they are concentrated in a very small spectral range, its spectral type is similar to the sun, which is consistent with the assumption that all extraterrestrial intelligence." Reported that the report was published in the "publications of Astronomical Society of the Pacific", a unique periodic optical pulse signal was found in a solar system similar to a small part of the star name "". According to the online version of printed report, originally the name is "the signal may come from extraterrestrial intelligence". However, it is clear that further research is needed to confirm or disprove the hypothesis. It is also necessary to observe these same signals on different devices in order to overturn all other explanations. Reported that, for the establishment of an alien, by including Stephen Hawking and Mark this year?? Zuckerberg et al, in support of the "breakthrough to plan" the researchers say that these people are encouraged by the information. But they also say that further work is needed to "make sure that" the information comes from aliens. "Listen to breakthrough" plan researchers said in a statement: "boola and Te Rottier discovered a spectrum of abnormal stars clearly deserve further study in each of the ten thousand. However, the unconventional thesis requires extraordinary evidence." They said: "the general signal is recognized as extraterrestrial activities too early. Search for extraterrestrial life with the international advanced evidence standards and requirements they can be confirmed by independent groups using their own telescope, also all natural explanations have been ruled out, it can be explained as extraterrestrial life." They said: "the need for meticulous work, eliminate false positive information, the reason to exclude natural and instrument, the most important is that the observations to use more than two independent telescope to be confirmed."相关的主题文章:

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