Secondhand smoke causes tumor in

Second hand smoke is easy to cause cancer in children [Abstract] let the child away from the "second-hand smoke" is not only to prevent and control the occurrence of childhood tumors, but also more important is to effectively prevent and control the occurrence of cancer in adults. In recent years, the annual number of newly diagnosed children has increased. At present, malignant tumor has become the second major cause of death in children after accidental injury. Near 5· 31 World No Tobacco Day and 6· 1 children’s day, experts remind: let the children away from the "second-hand smoke" is not only in order to prevent and control the occurrence of tumor in children, even more important is that effective prevention and control of adult cancer. In China, the number of people suffering from passive smoking is as high as 540 million people, including children under the age of 15 is 180 million. About 1 million people die each year from smoking, and the cost of direct health care costs more than $100 billion a year. [clinical phenomenon] more than half of leukemia family suffered second-hand smoke, Xinhua Hospital, children’s blood oncology, a survey of leukemia children, more than 60% of leukemia families have "second-hand smoke" pollution. Some of his father, who was addicted to smoking, was very guilty after hearing about the findings. In recent years, the incidence of cancer in children in China is on the rise, about 10 to 14 million 100 thousand. That is, on average, there are 1 cancers in every 10 thousand children. Malignant tumors have been ranked second among children under the age of 14. The incidence of leukemia, brain tumor, malignant lymphoma and neuroblastoma was the highest among all the children’s tumors, among which leukemia accounted for 13. Xinhua Hospital Director of pediatric hematology oncology department professor Yuan Xiaojun believes that in the cause of leukemia, although there are some genetic effects, but leukemia is not a genetic disease, which may affect the environment pollution is more prominent. Experts point of view children’s cancer 13 and smoking related to "a few years ago, every half a month will meet the new tumor in children with one or two cases. But now, almost every week, 4 to 6 new cases of children with cancer!" Yuan Xiaojun, director of analysis, in the clinical, and now the number of children with cancer in the increasing number of patients. Among them, the environmental factors undoubtedly played a role in adding fuel to the flames. Experts believe that a considerable proportion of childhood cancer is caused by environmental and lifestyle. Due to weak immune capacity in children, some of the decoration materials such as benzene, formaldehyde, radon and other chemical substances exceeded, if the child after inhalation, may lead to genetic mutations, induced leukemia and other malignant tumors in children. In addition to family genetic factors, the incidence of malignant tumors in children increased, more than 1/3 related to smoking. Among them, active smoking and passive smoking can cause cancer. Children are most vulnerable to passive smoking. Because the children’s detoxification function is not perfect, the risk of passive smoking in children suffered from cancer, than without tobacco harm children is increasing. Two or three hand smoke harm to children ‘s largest’ smoking ‘secondhand smoke’ carcinogenic risk no less than direct smoking!" Experts stressed. According to a new study by US scientists, the concentration of harmful substances in a well ventilated room is much higher than that of a city’s daily life相关的主题文章:

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