Seiko recycling traditional Chinese handicrafts theme exhibition debut in Paris-kimi wo omou melodi

"Seiko reengineering" China theme Traditional Handicraft Exhibition in Paris Paris October 26th, 2016 women welfare sustainable development international forum and creative women art exhibition in France UNESCO headquarters, the event by the women’s development fund China co hosted the US China Friendship Association, with the support of unesco. This event through international forums, women’s innovative art exhibition, charity auction and other forms, Chinese show women’s participation in economic and social development achievements, the spread of female Chinese charity voice to the international community, the international community to promote the development and advancement of women China and Chinese charity understanding, this is the third. UNESCO assistant director general Eric Falt, Chinese permanent UNESCO deputy Fang Qingzhao, the fund China Women Development Association Deputy Secretary General Zhang Jianmin, President of the US China Friendship Association Zhang Jinping Peng Zhengang, director of the Information Office of the Nanjing municipal government, as well as from domestic and foreign outstanding female entrepreneurs and representatives of hundreds of guests attended the forum. At the same time, China’s traditional arts and crafts exhibition, called "Seiko reconstruction" of traditional Chinese handicrafts theme exhibition will also debut. The show, "mother" as non heritage protection and heritage craft culture, the concept of public welfare and advanced exquisite handicraft products is highly appreciated by the UNESCO officials. Li Baiying, the founder of the "mother made flame growth plan", conducted a forum on the topic of "how women interact with art in today’s society.". He stressed: "mother love without boundaries, we are eager to take the concept of public service innovation with abroad, to the world and help every underdeveloped countries and regions, help every hope to improve the living conditions in the labor of the mother to achieve long cherished wish." Party Qingzhao China ambassador to UNESCO representatives and UNESCO deputy director general Eric Falt expressed high appreciation of the "mother manufacturing" project, "Mom" presented to the two guests by Yi and Bai tie dye scarves Handmade mother. "Mother made" is committed to the traditional Chinese aesthetic culture and the process of combing, joint designers to create in line with international aesthetic, with oriental cultural symbols of aesthetic products. By the production of a certain production skills of the mother’s production, so as to improve their living conditions through labor remuneration, and guide the public to support low-income mothers home employment social behavior. Nanjing city’s support of female artists, heritage created a number of innovative works of art and traditional handicraft products in this exhibition are on display, showing the Chinese of intangible cultural heritage, cultural connotation and the unique artistic charm of style to the forum guests from all over the world.相关的主题文章:

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