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A review of Tohti shot Rome 3-2 reversal Naples win 3-0 – Sohu of Beijing sports games in the evening of September 11th, the third round of the Serie A season 2016-17 have been finished. Hamm Sieck opened the scoring, kaliehong scored two of Naples’s 3-0 victory over Palermo; storari red, Bologna home court 2-1 victory over 10 people in Cagliari; Atlanta behind the case even after two goals, home court 2-1 Lectra Turin; Gamberin Jiangong, Deveri Yi tie, Chievo home court 1-1 draw with Lazio; Genoa home court game against Florence, due to rain too much twenty-seventh minutes into the game, will be forced to terminate, optional battles; bench Tohti assists Dzeko equalised in stoppage time, Garnett burst lore, Rome home court 3-2 hard sampdoria. The following is the game with the former news column hit home court. Palermo 0-3 Naples twentieth minutes, Yin xinie after receiving a pass Frelo outside the area right foot shot, goalkeeper Bo Savage throws the ball. Thirty-fourth minutes, Hamm Sieck pass, Milike outside the area left foot shot, Bo Savage again saved the ball. Fortieth minutes, Naples corner, Hamm Sieck restricted header, the ball slightly higher than the beam. Forty-sixth minutes, Naples finally broke the deadlock, jelinski left passes over the top, Gu Lang left offside, Hamm Sieck before the distance gate 8 meters place left Tui hang near the corner, 1 more than 0! Fiftieth minutes left, Yin xinie curled the ball past the guard head, kaliehong after the distance gate 5 meters place top elastic net, 2 than 0! Sixty-fifth minutes, Callejon scored two, Naples won the opportunity to fight back, the ball back Zielinski long range, to the edge of the area Callejon on the right side of the ball, 13 meters away from the door through the back crotch under low shot, from goalkeeper posavec armpit net, 3 than 0! Seventy-sixth minutes, Frelo pass, plus BYD, a large central area left foot, the goalkeeper saved the ball. It is worth mentioning that, after the game, Hamm Sieck with 82 Serie A goals by surpassing Maradona’s scoring record keeping at the club. Palermo (4-3-3): 1- Bo Savage; 3- Rees, 6- 5- Gore Dani Fagafaga, Polly RAJKOVIC, 19- 10-, 14- Xiliemake Alai Sami; Gazi 28-, galatro (56 minutes 25- 11- (Embalo Enrique); 45 minutes 30- Nestor Lovskey and 23- Diaman), 20- pedicle (63 minutes to sal 27- Bundy Weiner) Naples (4-3-3) 25-: Reina; 11- Marjorie, 33- 26-, 31- Cooley Barre Albiol, 20- Ghulam; Xin Jennings (72 minutes based 5- Alan), 8- Forero, 17- Hamm Sieck; 7- kaliehong (69 minutes 14- Mo Tengsi), 99- Milike (66 minutes 23- plus BYD, 24-), Yin xinie Bologna 2-1 Cagliari tenth minutes Padoin, winger, Borriello the central area header, the ball struck the right side wide vertical column. Article)相关的主题文章:

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