Shaanxi 4 counties in the country to create a unit of global tourism demonstration area (video)-y580

Washington created units in 4 counties of Shaanxi. The global tourism demonstration area (reporter Li Wei) National Tourism Bureau recently released the second batch of global tourism demonstration area to create a list of (238), the city of Weinan Province, Tongchuan City, Dali County, Yaozhou District, Ningshan County, Shangluo City, Shanyang City health county in 4 counties on the list. It is reported that the National Tourism Bureau to carry out global tourism demonstration zone to create work, to stimulate and promote the all-round economic and social development in the tourism industry, promote the tourism transformation from "tourist attractions" to "global travel". The column units to create demonstration area, can enjoy the "eight priority" policy, namely: priority into the central and local budgets in support of investment object, give priority to support the tourism infrastructure, tourism investment project selection priorities included in the priority list, tourism diplomacy and promotion focus of activities, focusing on the promotion of national tourism promotion into the scope of support in priority the National Tourism reform and innovation pilot demonstration areas, priority support and other key national A-level scenic tourism brand creation, give priority to the training of tourism professionals, first included in the key links of Regional National Tourism bureau. Note: the video for the extended reading of Shaanxi province tourism demonstration village of Liquan County in the town Yuanjiacun相关的主题文章:

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