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Shaanxi official response middle school received strong "assistant": have all returned to the original title: Shaanxi Suide middle school is strong "Ta" refers to the local education bureau said it had returned to the Beijing News News (reporter Wang Yu) according to Shaanxi media had reported that the Suide high school students’ parents are strong received 500 yuan "Ta" a thing. Today (November 4th) afternoon, the Beijing News reporter learned from Yulin City Board of education department after an investigation, the money was returned. Yesterday, the Shaanxi local media reports, last weekend, the Suide senior high school parents have received a phone call, the school will be on November 2nd for high school students held "adult ceremony", at least to pay 500 yuan per person. On the morning of November 2nd, the parents of the third year students were called to open the parents’ meeting, the meeting, the parents of the class committee came forward, requiring each parent to pay 500 yuan, said to be the teacher’s hard work". Some parents also said: "in the morning we went to school, but also opened a collective meeting on a school leader said:" the teachers worked hard for three years, and the school have deficit, we should mean. "" It is reported that the school a total of more than 1 thousand people, each person to pay $500, then, a total of about 500000. After the incident, Suide high school principal Wang Pengxi responded that the school did not know of charges. Suide County Education Bureau party secretary Huo Alexander said that the behavior of a clear violation, will arrange the investigation. This afternoon, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Yulin Municipal Bureau of education, Yulin City Board of education, Suide County Commission for Discipline Inspection and other departments in the investigation of the incident, has returned the money received. Currently, the incident is still under investigation. Editor: Li Feng, Guo Liqin, editor in chief: the editor of the responsibility of the editor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese people’s Republic of China: editor in chief相关的主题文章:

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