Shaanxi police traced hundreds of armed men 18 hours to the new – boy toy gun-jiqingwuyuetian

Shaanxi police traced hundreds of armed men 18 hours to the new boy toy gun – toy guns look like guns. In late November 4th 10 pm, a wearing camouflage uniforms, wearing a police training cap gunman appeared in Melbourne in Times Square in Shaanxi urban area of Hanzhoung, gunmen look hurried off, causing some people to panic, people rushed to the police. Hanzhoung police fighting for 18 hours, and finally find out the truth, it turned out to be a boy of the age of 13 with a toy gun in the play. Public: people with guns run according to the Hanzhoung Municipal Public Security Bureau of Hantai police, November 4th at 10 pm, Hantai Public Security Bureau Hanzhoung Road police station received the alarm Hantai entertainment, said that a wearing camouflage uniforms, wearing a police training cap gunman from the Wanbang Times Square at the entrance to the street direction the state ran away, causing panic among the witnesses. There are witnesses to the police, said the man from the state square, an elevator down, look in a hurry. Hanzhoung Road police station alarm, immediately report to the principal leaders of bureau, Hantai Public Security Bureau leaders also quickly escalate to the higher public security organs, and also designated Hanzhoung Road police station and police brigade four squadron organized forces rushed to the scene investigation. Search: hundreds of police firearms and the parties involved in the linkage, dressed in police clothing, major, Hantai Public Security Bureau immediately to the Chinese Embassy troops, armed police detachment, fire brigade sent investigation letter requesting an investigation. Hanzhoung City Public Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau of Hantai technical personnel in charge of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment under the leadership of the first time rushed to the scene. Hantai Public Security Bureau police police investigators, after receiving the alarm, the police squadron of the scene of the monitoring one by one to see. According to the mall security personnel description, video display, the gunman appeared in the mall, the dress and acting very suspicious. In the video, the man was first across the mall a glass fence throw camouflage carry a bag from the body, and pulled out a pistol thrown down, then he climbed over the fence, immediately squat body checked nearby, and then pick up on the floor of things quickly run away. Breakthrough: the suspects were controlled Interpol four squadron of police investigation Mopai visits, all through the night. In November 5th 4 pm, is near the mall Dunshou Interpol four squadrons captain Liu Guowei suddenly received a transfer to the mall security: 5 floor, found a man, his height, dress, appearance and is highly similar to the suspect. At this point, the suspect is ready to take the elevator downstairs. A shopping mall security personnel also quietly follow up together, take the elevator to follow, and timely report to the police suspect. Because I do not know whether the man is still holding a gun at this time, Liu Guowei has followed each other to the mall lobby. In an open place, Liu Guowei put the other round down, then, together with other staff, captured the suspect. A: is a 13 year old fan of the military after the police investigation, the man was in fact a minor under the age of 13, height 1.70 meters. The boy said he was a military enthusiast相关的主题文章:

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