Shandong related research funding of universities personnel be punished chaos-nlite

Shandong: related research funding of universities personnel have been punished chaos in Ji’nan daily news (reporter Wang Xiaodi) in the first half of this year, the provincial inspection teams to 47 units to carry out special inspections. Recently, the rectification of these 47 units were inspected list released. Among them, Shandong Jiaotong University of forged signatures impersonator research funding projects for the given administrative warning, and ordered a refund to receive a service fee. In the twelfth round of inspections in the provincial Party committee, there are many colleges and universities have been found in the use of research funds management problems. To solve these problems, the relevant colleges and universities have also been rectification. Among them, Shandong College of Arts carried out special rectification activities, the relevant departments jointly on the use and management of scientific research funds for overdue invoices for reimbursement, bulk goods purchase is not attached list, not charged issues related expenses for examination and verification, a total of 74 research projects at all levels of verification, document 3940, the total amount of 722 thousand yuan; Taishan scholar post funds verification reimbursement of 2434, check the amount of 3 million 17 thousand and 400 yuan. Interviewed 25 project 35 project person in charge, the reimbursement problems confirmed, related to return all fees. Shandong Jiaotong University conducted a comprehensive clean-up of false impersonator labor taking research funding problems, check out the first half of 2015 all research projects in the project and labor costs in 2013 – 2015 sample fee project expenditure. "For not receiving the signature of the person" and "signed by others" to receive labor, after verification have been paid in full to receive the account or hands, verify all service fee to receive and pay receipt. The person in charge of scientific research project forgery of false receive labor, which is a forged signature but labor have been paid in full and pay receipt, be responsible for the project to criticize and educate people. For the transfer of inspection teams clues and involving the school discipline inspection and verification of the school organization of self correction, forged signatures impersonator research funding projects for the given administrative warning, ordered to refund the receive service fee, according to the relevant provisions of the school to deal. Source: Shandong business daily相关的主题文章:

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