Shanghai 1 day tour reference price of $280 to $320 if the offer is too low to be cautious (video)-66814

Shanghai 1 day tour reference price of $280 to $320 if the offer is too low to be cautious about how much a day of Shanghai travel is not unreasonable cheap tour? November 7th, Shanghai City, the relevant person in charge of Consumer Protection Commission told the surging news reporter: unreasonable low price tour is the nature of the definition, the reasonable amount is floating, and no clear boundaries." This official said, according to the relevant provisions of the tourism law, unreasonable low price tour is actually zero cost usually said. However, China Travel Agency Association official website "national key city tourism hot line price reference platform" are part of the tour reference price, including Shanghai City Scenery Tour (pure play, no shopping) the reference price of 280 yuan -320 yuan. Shanghai Tourism Industry Association official said, the above reference price on the market a total of more than a regular line quotes, taking into account the basic elements of tourism analysis. Consumers can use this as a reference, according to their own needs. Obviously too low price, you need to be cautious. National regulation unreasonable cheap tour recently, the National Tourism Administration launched a national tour of low-cost unreasonable action, less than a month, more than 800 alleged unreasonable cheap tour products shelf. An online travel agency (OTA) website and even under the emergency frame of all outbound tours with less than 2500 yuan. Surging news reporter learned from the National Tourism Administration, unreasonable cheap tour, Yunnan line is more prominent. Kunming tourism inspection detachment data show that from the content of the complaint, the first half of 2016, the proportion of complaints travel agencies accounted for 26.7%, accounting for more than 13.1% of complaints, accounting for the proportion of complaints shopping. Three together accounted for 93.9% of the total number of complaints, these are the main issues of complaints tourists. In many people applaud at the same time, many netizens expressed doubts: how much the price is not reasonable price? "Tourism law" provisions, not to organize tours unreasonably low prices, the travel agency business travel packages and other services to attract the package, in addition to the legitimate and reasonable circumstances, shall not be less than its business, hospitality and service cost. Here the proper and reasonable conditions, including the total cost of batch purchase tickets late in the sales have recovered and generated a profit after the travel agency to take lower promotional fare quote on the remaining places, or travel to the scenic spots, the accommodation to the operators of centralized payment incentive payments as promotional subsidies and lower fares etc.. "According to this interpretation, unreasonable low price, zero cost is usually all that." Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee of legal and theoretical research director Wang thrush analysis, "unreasonable low price tour is the definition of property, the reasonable amount is floating, and no clear boundaries indicate how much the price is reasonable, how much the price is not reasonable, there is a gray area, but this administrative department has the discretion. Right." According to the "zero negative membership fee", "external performance of tourism law" from "unreasonable price tour", "the means by arranging shopping or surcharge tourism project", then to "the real trick tourists" and "to get kickbacks and other improper benefits", as the definition of the connotation of "zero cost" management)相关的主题文章:

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