Shanxi spider man Daddy to save the woman follow-up to raise money more than 19 yuan in Beijing wh60a

Shanxi "spider man Daddy" to save the woman: follow-up to raise money more than 19 yuan – Beijing, Beijing, November 10 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Hu Jian) the afternoon of 9 published the "Shanxi 5 year old girl in difficult defecation daddy incarnation " spider man " save the girl" after the news, cause net friends of concern. As of 10 May 13, father Gao Xinmin account has 190 thousand yuan of money. Shanxi Linxian County 5 year old girl Gao Hongyu (a pseudonym) because of suffering from perineal hemangioma, cause defecation pain. Father Gao Xinmin for her daughter to raise the cost of the operation, the embodiment of the "spider man dad", risked his life to pick up the edge of the cliff wild jujube. This is an annual rent of 1300 yuan old caves, three people dwelling in this small house, the house is only a light bulb wattage is very low, two daughters every night work in this faint light. There are several sacks of potatoes on the ground. The reporter walked into the room, the next door neighbor’s daughter is a high Xinmin sent just fried cake. Rely on neighbors to aid to life, is this a normal. When Gao Hongyu was 7 months old, his mother left home. Gao Xinmin both father and mother to take care of two children and two sick parents, originally intended to go out to work to earn money for his family wishes so shattered. Hu Jian, 9, 2009, at the time of the afternoon, the Chinese News Network Official micro-blog released on the cliff spider man: as long as the daughter of the disease can be cured, do anything, micro-blog, a time touched thousands of friends. In succession released by micro-blog account remit money. Even late at night, there are a lot of friends will love money to the hands of the reporter, want to care. Gao Xinmin live Quyu no Agricultural Bank Chinese outlets, 10 children to finish after breakfast, Gao Xinmin riding a small motorcycle traveling more than and 40 kilometers, arrived near the jiaxian. The bank security personnel under the help of the query to the amount of the card 190 thousand yuan. At the same time, the famous actor Li Xiaolu also commissioned staff to get in touch with the network, hoping to help the poor little girl. On the phone, Gao Xinmin told reporters, "from yesterday afternoon to the morning, the family has continued to set aside several people, carrying rice oil and child supplies." Gao Xinmin said, I am very grateful to every kind of people to help him. Gao Xinmin said he will soon come to the provincial capital of Taiyuan for her daughter. Because of family poverty, 8 year old daughter had nosebleeds symptoms. Gao Xinmin hope, in order to cure the disease after her daughter, but also to do a check on her eldest daughter, the priority is to let the healthy growth of two children. (end)相关的主题文章:

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