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Reference-and-Education Shaping future managers, Dr. Jitendra K.Das, Director Fore School Of Management Shaping the managers of tomorrow is not an easy task. Management education needs to include knowledge, skills and ability (KSA) that are necessary today and in the future. When we talk of management education, we are essentially developing students competencies to grow an organization as its manager or to establish or grow ones own business as an entrepreneur. This capability doesnt come from acquiring a management diploma or degree. It requires developing, in the students, the will and skill to contribute towards self-nourishment and nation building. Our mission is to provide contextual learning and help in the holistic development of students, which will equip them to face challenges as corporate leaders. The programs offered at FSM enable students to be thinkers of tomorrow while enhancing their conceptual, analytical and critical reasoning skills. They learn to communicate with impact and to be innovative, creative and responsible in dynamic global world. In this world of competition, where business is not bound by boundaries, a management graduate not only has to survive in it, but also win it. The journey ahead is tough and challenging enough, but can be very rewarding and exciting. The more excitement you get in your job execution, the more rewarding it is likely to be. Much of Fores strength is rooted in its infrastructure – be it the faculty, the supportive staff or the amenities. The computerized library, for instance, has over 25000 titles in management and related areas, 160 journals, periodicals, videocassettes and CD ROMs. The computer centre too has branded servers and 250 desktops and laptops, scanners, 70 printers and cd writers. The institute owes its reputation to its superior infrastructure and faculty caliber. Fore cultivates sharpening of skills and enhancement of knowledge in students through various extra curricular activities. Exposed to the state of the art technology, contemporary business situation through live projects, hands on experience including business simulation, software based teaching, a FORE student is equipped make the most of opportunities that come his way. At Fore, we also believe that students must be socially responsible. Direct exposure to social projects like blood donation initiatives, providing education to the children of the poorest people, visiting senior citizen homes inculcates sensitivity to the environment and society at large. This greatly adds value to our curriculum Our association which some one of the big names in the corporate world give the student an advantage to have a better understanding of the issues and challenges that awaits them in the industry. The corporate interactions includes corporate supported projects undertaken by students under faculty supervision is considered unique in the sense, that is provides a close hands-on experience to students as part of the curriculum. Thus a student is expected to have an enriching learning experience that should propel him to take advantage of new opportunities in life. Placement in the institute is student driven and is the result of the continuous interface with the industry be it for summer internships, live projects or final placements. The Institute carefully tailors and continuously updates its curriculum to develop multiple skills among students. The skills emphasized on are managerial decision-making, problem solving, analytical reasoning, communication, creativity and innovation. The business managers ability to make decisions out of a set of choices that leads to the best possible future for all stake holders is what we at FORE consider all the time when developing the contents of our management programs. This is the guiding principle to make our graduating students relevant to the corporate world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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