Shenyang City before the end of the year will add 1114 new buses-zuczug

Shenyang before the end of the year will add 1114 buses update yesterday, said the Shenyang Municipal Transportation Bureau before the end of this year, Shenyang will add the updated 1114 buses, new bus lines 7, built 90 bus intelligent electronic stop sign. Recently, Shenyang city will continue to vigorously promote transit city to create work, and actively promote the "transit network layout planning", "Shenyang City, integration of urban and rural passenger transport development plan", "bus lane planning system" and other special planning work. Before the end of this year, the city will add updated 1114 buses; new bus lane 36.4 km; new bus harbour station at 36; new, international software park bus parking lot 5 bus parking lot, rebuilt 11; new bus 549 bus stop waiting Gallery, 720 sets of replacement bus circuit board 3000 a new bus station, at the end of the first 72. In the optimization of urban public transportation network layout, by the end of two, and focus on resolving the Sanhuan Sanhuan area bus lines covering less and the "bus blank", and conventional bus and rail transit terminal terminal site site and large residential area transportation problem. Plans to open 7 new bus lines, travel to solve the problem of Huayi Century City, beautiful city, Singapore garden, Nordic, golden cloud art more than 10 residential nearly 50 thousand residents. In the aspect of intelligent transportation construction, will be completed before the end of the public transport system, emergency command and video conference system, bus industry management intercom system, bus bus construction monitoring system, and 47 new integrated vehicle arrival prompts, weather forecast, bus intelligent electronic stop sign function of emergency information release, free WIFI and other. The number will reach 90 electronic bus stop. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Lv Jia相关的主题文章:

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