Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs launched during the national day five categories of ne-shuyue

Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs during the launch of the five major categories of nearly one hundred cultural activities during the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs launched during the national day of the top five categories of cultural activities

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to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the founding of new Chinese, enrich the cultural life of the people during the national day, the Municipal Bureau of SMG carefully organized and planned launch of five categories of nearly 100 prominent theme, rich content and various forms of cultural activities, watching performances, exhibitions, tours, large view products unique, let people in the wonderful cultural activities and spend a meaningful cultural golden week.

art stage multi presentation

during the national day, professional stage will highlight the creation of diversification, diversification and performance, a row of performances of various high-quality, popular boutique repertoire: Shenyang performing arts group will be held in the city of Peking Opera, Cultural Palace drama, folk song and dance concert and other public performances, the the Imperial Palace in Shenyang, Zhang Shuai Fu acclaimed performances the "return" and "married harjol Huangtaiji legend Dashuai Shuaifu student" real performances; the Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe in the circus theatre productions, funded by the national endowment for the Arts – large acrobatic play "panda Dream Tour"; Shengjing theatre will launch folk music concerts, drama "that night, on the road and cross said" "dream night – world famous stage magician performances" and other high-end performance. In addition, Shenyang performing arts group launched a new seventh edition of large metropolitan vaudeville Mukden Moulin Rouge, bringing entertainment experience for the general public to find everything fresh and new and foreign tourists.

The activities of

group down to earth popularity

during the national day, the city’s cultural departments at all levels will be down to earth, create popular mass culture products. Folk music concerts, performances, cultural exchanges between China and South Korea outstanding community cultural festival show performances, the 67 anniversary of the founding of the municipal symphonic concerts and other large mass cultural activities, so that the grass-roots culture more "color"; the Korean culture and art museum will organize theatrical performances team into the community, square and other basic units of art Huimin performances; municipal library, juvenile the children’s library will hold "the motherland long live" painting and calligraphy exhibition, "spirit, birthday celebration" exhibition, movies, children’s education, "Saturday theater performances and other rich and colorful activities, enrich the cultural life of the people, with the people through peaceful and happy National day.

Fair Exhibition boutique

during the national day, carry out millions of people into the museum, "Museum Jinqiu Huimin" series of activities in the city museum system, introduced a number of distinctive theme features of the exhibition, and leading to the general public, students and visitors into the museum, the Museum of art, public institutions and other historical and cultural art exhibition hall, Shenyang experience the profound historical accumulation and the rich cultural connotation and strong.


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