Show Luo girlfriend selling fake brand name perfume will double compensation for customers-cancam

Show Luo girlfriend selling fake brand name perfume will double compensation for customers – China news network,, micro-blog screenshot. In new network on 21 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, network Reds Zhou Yangqing and Show Luo (pig) June 2015 love, love the exposure by the attention, from time to time because her boyfriend will be wearing her racquet apparel business to do publicity, praise and attention caused by the girls, in fact she also help. Purchasing foreign beauty products, many people rushed to her fame to buy, but did not expect to sell copycat brand perfume news broke. Subsequently, she also responded in micro-blog. Zhou Yangqing 19, micro-blog revealed the whole of his chest pain, will be hard to swallow slobber and can’t help, can’t sleep sleep, and on the Internet for help "there is no emergency medicine can eat". Micro-blog issued less than 5 minutes, a female netizen complained of "I am? Home beauty shop senior VIP, you Jo Malone turned out to be fake, after some enthusiastic users posted a genuine and fake goods on CF perfume tube should be integrated, but the week is sold separately." Zhou Yangqing for the first time to see the message, then calm response and appease the party mood "don’t get too excited, they do not have to send your purchase record", believe that the female netizen is really in doubt, not intentional to discredit on the goods, and promised to come up with proof of purchase to wash his innocence, did not expect to produce a certificate after but netizens pointed out that Its loopholes appeared one after another. After a few hours, Zhou Yangqing was the two micro-blog issued that the whole story, she explained all the goods with the brand or ask the manager to purchase directly agents directly, it is because of fears that appeared in the middle of the third party, how the manager gave her certificate is refers to the loopholes, repeatedly asked, "said the manager may be our the same supplier certificate to a lot of people, so she is very surprised:" not all you contact with the brand?" Although the supplier to ensure genuine, will go to the factory to shoot the video to prove, but she has not yet received the video, so she began to worry, honestly, until now I have almost no confidence." Finally, Zhou Yangqing also stressed that he will not deceive customers for profit, and solemnly apologize "users regardless of the supplier can show, because of my lack of management appeared unaware of the third party, this is against my principle of purchase", promised more than 2 thousand customers bought this "double compensation" and as a lesson and vigilance, she also hope that customers can believe her after the quality of goods.相关的主题文章:

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