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Sichuan archaeological experience into the VR Millennium kiln moment "through" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu November 11th news (reporter Tong Fang), vestibule doors, flue fire chamber, kiln bed…… Sichuan Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology Institute of virtual archaeology recently introduced virtual reality technology, so that visitors can instantly through to more than a thousand years ago in the Tang and Song Dynasties Guangyuan kiln. Guangyuan kiln in Tang and Song Dynasty Shaozao folk daily is mainly engaged in the local folk, in 50s the last century found in Guangyuan city of Sichuan Province, explore the objects of daily life and practical products, black glaze, glaze, yellow glaze glaze and yellow brown flowers, with black glaze production, Guangyuan kiln archaeological discoveries of the black tea red glaze famous. The research of Guangyuan kiln porcelain industry development process, can be clearly observed and the surrounding kilns of cultural integration of historical facts. "Guangyuan kiln is an underground kiln, relatively well preserved, we do a 3D scanning on it, and then use the VR technology into the Virtual Museum of archaeology. It is characterized by a strong sense of the scene, completely immersive experience." Sichuan Provincial Institute of cultural relics and archaeology, Guangyuan kiln site excavation team leader Wan Jiao said. Wearing VR equipment, like being in the field of Guangyuan kiln ruins, people can walk in a virtual space, and explore the secret magic Millennium kiln. In addition to walking, you can also use the handle to instantly transfer into the corresponding area. "Guangyuan kiln site is the first VR project of the Virtual Museum of archaeology, after which we will continue to do other projects, such as some large tombs, sacrificial pits, etc.." Wan Jiao said.相关的主题文章:

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