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In the material’s three listed companies received regulatory letter issues related to the competition with other Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million – Wang Weibo told reporters in the evening of September 8th, Ningxia building materials, Qilian Mountains also announced that close to the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued on Ningxia Qilian Mountains building materials, the actual control of the commitments supervision letter. At the same time, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of Tianshan shares concern. The above letter is the actual controller of Sinoma Group in September 7th before the commitment to eliminate cement business potential competition problem relates to the subject and the time commitments and other major changes, for further disclosure of listed companies. According to the announcement, the actual control of Ningxia building materials group materials, Qilian Mountains, Tianshan shares in the cement business within the group for the elimination of potential competition, had made a commitment to building materials in Ningxia, Qilian Mountains, Tianshan shares, Sinoma Group will according to the requirements of regulatory rules, positive and related subsidiary of local government and shareholders coordination for 5 years the time, the progressive realization of the cement business review and cement business integration as a development platform, in order to solve the cement business competition. October 2015, Ningxia, Qilian Mountains building materials group received the actual controller of the letter, said Sinoma Group will fulfill the promised to resolve intra industry competition in September 7, 2016. September 2015, Sinoma Group intends to postpone the implementation of the previous year’s commitments, and was adopted by the general meeting of shareholders of tianshan. In September 6, 2016, Ningxia building, Qilian Mountains, Tianshan shares Sinoma Group received a letter of commitments with the competition, said Chinese Building Materials Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the China Building Materials Group") is currently working with the materials group implementation of the restructuring, the China Building Materials Group will be renamed Chinese Building Materials Group Co. Ltd., as part of the reorganization of parent materials. The group will enter the free transfer of Chinese building materials group limited. Because of the reorganization belongs to the materials group cannot control, Sinoma Group made cement business integration commitments, "to be after the completion of the reorganization, the reorganization of the Chinese Building Materials Group Co. Ltd., established and steadily push forward the cement business integration in the implementation of business process integration, timely solve the problem with the competition." The above by a reorganization of the China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. to resolve intra industry competition arrangement, a commitment to fulfill the main time and other major changes, the requirements of the exchange, supplementary disclosure promises to change the basis; and in the building materials group or other aspects of communication, and the opinions of the China Building Materials Group; should according to regulatory guidelines listed companies "requirements Fourth" the relevant provisions of the timely implementation of the commitment to change the decision-making procedures. Exchange letters proposed, Sinoma Group and the China building materials group after the completion of the reorganization, its cement business, and whether listed companies have a new problem with the competition, and that subsequent measures to be taken or specific arrangements. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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