Six Tips For Excellent Customer Service — Expand Your Local Business With No Extra

Sales Recently my dentist re.mended that I see an orthodontist for a consultation, and not only did I learn about having my teeth straightened, but I also witnessed the absolutely brilliant, excellent customer services offered by this outstanding local business! If you own a business that offers a service to your clients, some of these excellent customer service tips may be helpful in expanding your client base. My dentist gave me two re.mendations for orthodontists. The first one had a business card; the second one had a quarter page flyer with directions to the office and a website address where I could learn more about the doctor and his services. Which one do you think I chose? Hands down, the doctor that had the website made a big impression on me. Without even needing to pick up the phone, I got all my questions answered in five minutes. Dr. Gobeille’s website had not only a friendly, professional design, but helpful information geared to all their patients needs. Included in the site were all the questions a new patient may have, such as office location, costs, pictures of ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatments, length of treatments, photos of the doctor, staff and office, and an "about us" section that included the doctor’s credentials. They also included information addressing patient concerns such as the sterilization of equipment, and fun photos that created a personal touch. They even offered a section where you can download the new patient information sheets, to save you time. I was sold when I read on their site that they have a .mitment to seeing their patients within 10 minutes of their arrival! I called to make an appointment and found the office staff to be friendly and helpful. They offered a free evaluation to see if their treatment would benefit me. A week before the appointment they sent me an information packet that included some new patent information sheets, a letter that spoke about the values that they run their business by, and also a DVD! The ten minute DVD was fun to watch and gave me an introduction to the office. It included patient testimonials and information about orthodontic treatment, and even showed some clips of the doctor at his ranch with his horses! I was very impressed. The night before my appointment, I almost fell out of my chair when the doctor himself called me! He asked if I had any questions, and said he was looking forward to meeting me. In all my five decades on the planet, a doctor has never called me personally to wel.e me! The day of the appointment arrived, and because the doctor and staff had done such a great job of preparing me, I was not nervous or apprehensive. The atmosphere at the office was professional and friendly. They gave me a short tour of the office before taking photos of my teeth and beginning the evaluation. During a brief time when I needed to wait, I was shown a film about new developments in orthodontic treatment. In addition to the usual magazines in the waiting room, they offered tea, coffee, bottled water and cookies. By the time the doctor came in to see me, I felt relaxed. My evaluation was .pleted quickly and sadly, my teeth were not candidates for orthodontic treatment. I was genuinely disappointed that I would not have the opportunity to enjoy the care of this outstanding doctor and his staff! How can your local or service business take a lesson from Dr. Gobeille’s office excellent customer service? By providing outstanding care from the moment your client inquires about your service, you will gain their trust, loyalty, and appreciation. Best of all, a happy client or customer will refer others, thereby expanding your business with no additional marketing costs on your part. Six Tips to Successfully Expand Your Client Base 1. Anticipate the needs of your clients or customers before they arrive. How are they feeling when they contact you? What are their concerns, questions, fears and desires? 2. Map out ahead of time the exact sequence of steps your customer or clients goes through when they contact you. 3. Address your client’s needs at every stage of their process through your service from beginning to end. This will .municate caring and build trust and confidence. 4. Use tools and technology to .municate information as well as your values. Offer the personal touch, don’t be afraid to share warmth and be a real person. 5. Freely share information, take the time to educate your clients about what they will experience and what they can expect through .ing to your business. 6. Create a warm, inviting, and .fortable office. This will benefit both your clients and staff, who will be more relaxed and also be more productive. Care for your clients and customers, offer them excellent customer service, and they will .e back and bring their friends! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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