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The best time to lose weight this jump rope "ruthless" thin non-stop lead: skipping diet and simple fat burning, but the best to lose weight. But if not grasp the best time skipping to lose weight, will affect the efficiency of reducing serious. Therefore, the use of rope skipping weight loss before, must be the best time to lose weight rope skipping. For skipping the best time to lose weight, the vast majority of obese people are wondering, small series in the following article made a detailed introduction, a look at it! (source: ETUDE fashion network) skipping the best time to lose weight analysis: 1, which time of the day the most suitable for skipping? Want to skip to lose weight, small does not encourage you to exercise, some people lose weight by skipping, WenJiQiWu, even at three or four is up to exercise, and then back to back to sleep, this is not only susceptible to air pollution, but also make the biological clock disorder, cause fatigue, failure. Because the surface of the sun before the air pollution is the most serious and less oxygen at this time. After sunrise green plants photosynthesis, carbon dioxide inhalation out of oxygen, air fresh fonda. Therefore, after the sunrise rope skipping exercise is the best time to lose weight skipping. 2, before meals and after meals which time skipping weight loss effect is good? It is understood that some people skipping rope skipping exercise in order to reduce appetite. In fact, this is unscientific. In theory, before and one hour after a meal is not strenuous exercise, the best time of human activities should be 3 pm to 8 pm, so this period of time to lose weight by skipping the effect will be better. In addition, to improve the level of rope skipping friends, we must bear in mind that this rope skipping the best time to lose weight. 3, skipping how long to lose weight? By skipping to lose weight, do not lower than the minimum 30 minutes, because less than 30 minutes did not reach the purpose of fat consumed, the longest no more than 2 hours, because of excessive training more than two hours can cause extreme physical fatigue. Skipping should not be less than 4 times a week but not more than 6 times, each lasting for 40 minutes. Generally need a day of rest and thinking, so that faster. Of course, every time you jump, it is very flexible, can be based on your physical condition and weight loss needs. When I first started skipping school, may just jump a Qichuanruniu, so don’t have to force yourself how long. Skilled movements after exercise for a long time, still feel enough, can increase the time. 4, how to increase the number of skipping slimming effect more obviously? This is also the best time to skip weight loss category. Want to harvest more significant slimming effect, experts suggest: just started to jump 60-100 every day, and points 2-3 times, 1 minutes interval break. Gradually increase the number of times a day, the magnitude of increase in order to do not feel too tired. When the increase to 400-500 per day, you can begin to lose weight skipping rope. After every day to maintain the jump 400-500, divided into 2 times, the interval of rest for 1 minutes, the speed of the jump to maintain between 60-160 times per minute. Correct skipping weight loss method.相关的主题文章:

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