Son begging ill mother’s knees and bowed legs (video)

"Son" begging "ill" mother’s knees and bowed legs knees and bowed begging is "son" or cheat the day before yesterday morning, the reporter via Qingyang Road, found a man on the roadside kowtow begging, nearby people feel pity, this man really met what difficulties? The white man kneeling on the sidewalk, constantly kowtow to passers, his mouth from time to time saying "good karma, good life of peace, blessing, beside him on the ground, but also lay a grey-haired old man, with a towel covers his face. The man said he was doing this in order to cure his mother. The man told reporters that he is Henan, the mother had renal failure, both mother and son to Jiangsu treatment, spent all their savings, then to Wuxi to see relatives, mother was seriously ill, he had to begging in the street, in order to raise medical expenses. After listening to many people, all feel that this person is a big dutiful son, have to the man in front of a small tin box cast notes. This is the next to some doubts, several nearby small traders said that the knees begging of men is not the first time here. But the man insisted that the first time he is begging. This is the mother and child in the end is true or false. Reporters then let his mother begging man to provide medical records, he said that those data are in high bridge pier rental room, not in the side, but he was willing to take a trip home. Reporters to help the mother stopped a taxi, went to their rental, who knew the mother and son to get off early, and refused to help them pay the fare reporters. The face of a reporter’s inquiry, the man standing on the roadside and he claimed was about to speak, but saying nothing, but this mother was flying, then the man’s words finally let him cheat nature surfaced. Begging man let reporters turn off the machine, told reporters that his mother had no problem. Did not find a job, so they learned the trick. It’s raining these days.相关的主题文章:

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