Song Xiaobo’s drama our world Shanghai premiere in October (video)

Song Xiaobo’s drama "our world" Shanghai October Premiere of Song Xiaobo’s drama "our world" premiere will premiere daddy Song Xiaobo debut "happy Tuesday" Tencent entertainment news recently in Shanghai in October 23rd, "our world" from the actor auditions, popular with numerous deaf attention. Now there are a number of deaf friends, including some sign language enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to the play staged. This drama in Song Xiaobo and the efforts of the team, from the actor to do so successful recruitment to the late rehearsal, paid a lot of effort. Drama "our world" will premiere on October 23rd at 19:00 p.m. in Shanghai five bridge community cultural activity center staged a grand. It is understood that "our world" as a stage play by the deaf, initiated by Song Xiaobo, the team plans to smell the production, invited the screenwriter to do Chen Weiliang, and served as the director of the general director of the. "Our world" tells the story of the hero to deaf people’s point of view, the interpretation of the growth process of the deaf. I hope this drama can get more deaf friends resonance, causing more health friends moved. Song Xiaobo said on numerous occasions must be the deaf stage play. Including a lot of actors, including the show has a strong confidence, because such things as positive energy, the need for more people to learn, to promote. Hope that through this drama to encourage more and more deaf people, so that they become more confident, become stronger. The future for the motherland’s modernization, contribute to a force even if it is not worth mentioning. Because of this, from the actor to the rehearsal period, the majority of the deaf group on the matter of widespread concern. Let every "our world" actors feel the pressure, these pressures have become the driving force of the actors. The widespread attention that the deaf community has high expectations for the show. The "our world" is the famous actor Dan Renbing and Andy as deaf and talented men and women in the film, the magician called deaf magician Feng Siwei, and ultra popular deaf model Fu Qiongying join, as well as the strength of deaf actor Liu Jia, Cui Ting, Ma Chenglin, Zi Jiao, Li Jiangjun, Pu Wen Yuan strong to help out. The cast is super powerful. Because the story is more than the point of laughter, so the drama began to pay attention to the beginning of the rehearsal. Many deaf people as the most representative of the deaf stage works. In October 23rd, the Five Mile Bridge community cultural center waiting for you to come. Hope everyone pays attention to us. The latter will have a rehearsal footage report.相关的主题文章:

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