South Korean version of the universal witness will be starring Park Shin Hye joined Cui Minzhi-3edyy

The Korean version of "national" witnesses witness will shoot Cui Minzhi starring Park Shin Hye Liu Junlie, Cui Minzhi Park Shin Hye, joined the Mtime time network reported on August 28th Chinese film adaptation of "national" witnessed the South Korean film "Silence" (tentative name), to determine the main cast, after Cui Minzhi, Park Shin Hye determined to join, please answer with "new roles 1988" would like to get a hundred new actor Liu Junlie also starred in the film no one in the original. "Silent witness" rescreens from 2013 film starring Honglei Sun Aaron Kwok, the Chinese people witnessed "crime thriller". Tells the story of the famous song is about to marry Homer was killed after the suspect’s criminal defense giants daughter became the story. Cui Minzhi will play the role of Honglei Sun in the original film, Park Shin Hye’s daughter’s lawyer, Liu Junlie’s character is not original, become a key figure in the case, but in korean. "Silent witness" will be directed by the "silver Jiao" "4" and other films of South Korea’s famous director Zheng Zhiyu in charge of shooting. South Korean film production company Yong Film for production, after the company had Moho and Film CO produced the new director Park Chan wook "miss". It is reported that silent witnesses will be in the second half of this year, and is expected to meet with the audience next year.相关的主题文章:

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