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Sprint "fired"   how to continue the strong performance of independent brand car — people.com.cn — people.com.cn original title: sprint "fired" independent brands to continue the strong performance in September 2nd (1), 2016 (Nineteenth) Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Chengdu auto show") opening, a total of 110 domestic and automobile brand exhibition. With the rise of the western market, the Chengdu auto show began to assume responsibility to stimulate the western market, and become the new battleground for the major enterprises out of phase. In recent years, the technical strength of independent brands has gradually increased, the market share occupied by more and more large, and even has become part of the market leader. But at the same time, the joint venture brand competition and attack from the inside, but also adds a little pressure for the independent brand. For the remaining 4 months of this year, for its own brand, the final sprint battle has begun. Independent car highlights frequently compared with the past, the new models launched by independent car prices on the show this year is not much, but from the product itself to the core technology, from concept cars to brand positioning, there is a "qualitative leap", and began to build into the "wisdom". Although the number is not dominant, but boutique attack, naturally there are many bright spots to follow, many independent brands have also given their own heavy models. For example, shortly before the completion of the world’s first vehicle to vehicle vertical impact test "Geely imperial GL, safety and strong technical strength to become a high-profile autonomous vehicle. The design concept of transfer imperial GL Geely Automobile Safety Identification circle, not only continued to lead their own brands to, also set a benchmark for the quality of the brand for more. To bring products, we have to say that the GAC trumpchi GS8, this positioning in the 7 SUV line is luxurious, GAC trumpchi high-end three "8" series of second models, but also trumpchi brand to the assault weapon. The car is coming, that has the ability of independent brands towards the high-end car market, the independent brand to reflect the determination of the status quo. Changan Yue Xiang V7 is in the power of innovation, the launch of the 1.0T version, in respect of small displacement turbocharged engine, 1.6L displacement naturally aspirated engine alone, may not be able to fully meet the actual needs of consumers. The introduction of 1.0T models, to further enrich the Yue Xiang V7 car system, but also greatly enhance its market competitiveness. Dragonrise hanteng X7 as vehicle’s first production model, positioning in the compact SUV. The arrival of X7 hanteng represents a new brand impact market determination. But this is not easy, consumers are increasingly high expectations for their own brands, the independent brand itself has gradually begun to adhere to the positive development. This has just entered the market for the new brand, is indeed not a small challenge. Behind the highlights reflect the new ideas from the new look, now many independent car companies have bid farewell to blindly expand the product of the times, began to pay more attention to improving the quality of the products, the product layout also has obvious pertinence. The Chengdu motor show independent SUV, both with GAC trumpchi GS8, Beiqi magic speed S3L as the representative)相关的主题文章:

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