Star examiner lit the scene very Q & a very exciting ca1810

The star lit scene Examiner "very wonderful Q" – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing September 24th news (reporter Wang Qihui) in September 24th, the third national students host contest in Beijing open top battle. This contest is sponsored by the Central People’s broadcasting station, the competition is not set professional restrictions, supported by the national network information office, the Ministry of education, the Communist Youth League Central and local government departments, attracted a total of 31 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide 527 universities 7128 love broadcasting career in College students. After 6 months and the semi-finals sea election race, area of the layers of selection, 20 players stand out from the more than 7000 players, a sharp thinking, well matched. Players after the cooperation space, very Q & A, live reports and my speech in four aspects of the PK, the impact of the championship. In this year’s finals in the four links, one of the highlights of the star is very Q & a link. Through the first part of the cooperation partner of the competition, there are 10 players into the pending seats, and in the very Q & a session, the players can be determined to get the resurrection of the quota, the quota is only two. In this part, the famous host Ouyang Xiadan, Zhang Dong, Nigel Maiti, Hai Quan, singer Xiao Ke, comedian Jia Ling, Siqingerile and other guest stars as the examiner, combined with their own occupation characteristics, to video, the host may encounter unexpected scene for the players. This part examines the psychological quality of the players on the spot and the ability to control the field, the players are also in this link to find a breakthrough, showing the excellent play strength. In the end, Wang Jiazhen, Hu Hanbo with excellent leadership skills and the ability to play live resurrection, won the top twelve clearance card.相关的主题文章:

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