State Grid Bulletin of non-performing vendors listed companies-sexinse

National grid informed the number of listed companies listed on the poor national Power Grid Corp as the world’s largest public utility companies, security and stability of the grid is a matter of national economy and the people’s livelihood. For this reason, the supplier’s product quality, contract performance and after-sales service is also essential. Since August, the national grid and the subsidiary company informed the more adverse supplier list, which relates to the XJ electric (000400.SZ), TBEA (600089.SH), Hezong Technology (300477.SZ), Nari (600409.SH), eaglesky power (831245), Shanghai electric (601727.SH) and other more than and 20 listed companies. These companies because of the existence of product quality problems have been imposed on the national grid to suspend the winning 2 months of the relevant products, suspend the winning bid for 4 months, all categories of goods to cancel the eligibility criteria, such as different degrees of punishment. China business reporter combing found that although these companies are facing the problem of being punished by the national grid, but as a listed company, these companies have no public disclosure of this event. For this reason, part of the company’s investors are also full of doubts about this – the State Grid will be punished if the impact of the company’s performance and subsequent bidding? National Grid’s a material supply company executives said that in 2016 the national grid revised the measures for the management of suppliers of bad behavior, increase the punishment, but also conducive to the promotion of enterprises to improve product quality and management of suppliers. A number of companies on the list of national network blacklist in September 7th, the State Grid informed the situation of the eastern power company on the 9 suppliers of bad behavior. The most severe punishment is Shandong Zhuo electric appliances, according to the national Power Grid Corp supplier bad behavior management rules, cancel the supplier of all categories of goods qualified for two years. It is understood that Shandong cuori electrical appliances in participating in the national network of East Mongolia company in 2015 third batch of material bidding process, the type test report provided in the tender documents of suspected fraud, in violation of the relevant provisions of the bidding law, disrupting the bidding work environment. In this list, Nari also among them. Which refers to the company and work station access video surveillance system in Hulun Buir 110kV power transmission project in Hailar City, the sub station is not in accordance with the bidding agreement file system access video work, affecting the normal operation of the project. In accordance with the provisions of China Mongolia east company of Nari production of smart substation integrated monitoring platform, to suspend the bid for 4 months. In this regard, Nari Securities Department official told reporters, the main products are the products of the company are not suspended, has little effect on the performance of the company. Prior to August 2nd, the State Grid Corporation informed the month of 134 bad suppliers. Subsequently, Beijing, Hebei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places of the State Grid branch also related to the supplier of publicity. Reporters on the information after carding found that the companies involved are TBEA, Dongfang Electronics, Wolong electric, Beijing Zhongtian Technology, CREE and other listed companies. Not only that, there are three new board eaglesky power, Rui Purcell, Shun shares, shares of China.相关的主题文章:

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