Steam week sales charts deus ex human topped the Division

Steam week sales charts "deus ex:" topped the Steam platform released the split last week (August 22nd to August 28th) sales ranking, "deus ex: split" and "topped the list, followed by" no deep space in second. Although the hot list has not search "unmanned deep space" (should be removed, but the artificial) hot degree no less. Steam week sales rankings: 1: "deus ex: split (Deus Ex:Mankind Divided)" (arrow 2) 2: "no deep space (No Man" s "(Sky): 1) 3:" GTA5 "(down 1) 4:" The Witcher 3: The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt (Wild Hunt 5) "(Xin Jin):" the dark soul 3 (DARK SOULS III) "(Xin Jin) 6:" the living daylights (Dead by Daylight): "7" Counter Strike: Global offensive (Counter-Strike:Global Offensive) "(down 3) 8:" The Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt (The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt ") body + package ticket (Xin Jin) 9:" deus ex: split (Deus Ex:Mankind Divided) "DLC (Xin Jin): 10 season" attack of the giant (Attack on Titan) "(lock) (Xin Jin) Note 1: "Counter Strike: Global offensive" referred to as "CS:GO" Steam platform as the world’s largest game platform, the update speed of stand-alone games and game quality is relatively good, a feature of this platform is all games through the screen selection will appear on the platform, for everyone buy and play. The new list of works of five, respectively, new faces "deus ex:" split season ticket DLC and locked the onslaught of "giant", and faces "The Witcher 3: the wild hunt" and "soul of darkness" and "The Witcher 3: 3 + body combination mad hunting season" the package. "Deus ex:" split in August 24th for the lifting of the ban, with a good reputation and defeated the status of "unmanned deep space" for 4 consecutive years to dominate the list of the success of the summit. Also because of the game, "the position puts the second unmanned deep space". Ranked third of the game is "GTA5", is also followed by "no deep space" behind. Ranked fourth of the game is a veteran of the big adventure wizard 3: Crazy hunting, yes, last week, the price was also made for the promotion of the game, the game was priced at only $79 yuan. Ranked fifth in the game is to shake the soul of darkness m God "3", the game in the last week as the 33% price discount, the price is only 179, is still very good. "Dawn" the murder is still ranked sixth, no change. Rank seventh.相关的主题文章:

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