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The middle of the night to patronize the public day shopping 24 hours water increased in 2004, lotus Yang high road in the domestic supermarkets in the first attempt 24 hours lianzhouzhuan, like convenience stores, however, before long, overnight business quietly terminated. Now, has entered the 20 year Chinese Carrefour this month also began to test the water for 24 hours a day, three days, in the depth of night patronize every day to increase the public. Loading… Chinese first 24 hours a Carrefour hypermarket near Xietu Road, Dongan Road, although it is an area of Shanghai 30 Carrefour hypermarkets in the smallest, but because the surrounding hospitals, residential intensive, business has been good. On the night of November 1st, did not do any publicity in the case, they began to open all night, the first day of the five and sixty customers, to the middle of the night, the number of customers has increased to about 150, 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., every hour of transactions. Customers are both stylish night, but also to the hospital in the middle of the night to accompany the families of patients in Zhongshan. Carrefour Xietu Road shop manager Tang Ming introduced, at 1 o’clock in the morning before people will be relatively more, there is a section about 6 o’clock, older people will come to the morning. " every hour someone will come in, usually buy casual food, drinks, fruit this piece will be a little more. " hypermarkets all night, the surrounding residents are naturally happy. " now we buy it all the time. Although there are convenience stores, but after all less. Now business is very difficult to do, a lot of closed, so 24 hours of business is also a feature of it, at least can increase turnover. " however, there are a lot of people think in a 24 hour convenience store in the mall to blossom everywhere, there is no need to come join in the fun. " a waste of time, waste of manpower, waste of electricity, such a large supermarket opened 24 hours why? What do you mean? " some customers said that Carrefour to do so, a little fight with the electricity supplier means, but it seems a little worth, because in the depth of night shop, the cost is too high. According to store reports, ten pm to 7:30 in the morning, the store staff will be reduced from more than and 100 to 10 during the day, the cashier will channel from day 21 reduced to 1 to 2. In addition to the human cost, the real increase is the cost of lighting a few hundred dollars a day in the middle of the night, and will not adjust the price of goods. Remove the night would not open day selling counter, they also plan to close the future home appliances such as mobile phone counter in the middle of the night. " it’s impossible to buy home appliances and mobile phones in the middle of the night! " according to the introduction, Carrefour in Italy, Milan and France and other places are also trying to store 24 hours overnight, the results are pretty good. Carrefour China Vice President Derek said that if the customer interest, they can open more, the future of all stores in Shanghai are open 24 hours is not impossible. " 24 hours of business is expected to be able to increase the store’s daily operating income of 5% to 10%. """ "" big Shen today recommended 7 year old boy was mother boy相关的主题文章:

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