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"Sword net 3" knife map scenery is not just a small egg recommended train "sword net 3" character "knife" is hot beta, the new knife villa scene attracted many buddy exploration. In addition to the luxury of water conservancy project, as everyone knows the temple Lang jade courtyard and other scenic spots, there are many small eggs waiting for the paladin who visit. For example, yiyanbuge drove the rail traffic on the mountain trails such as maple leaf, take a look at the PA has many little secret! The knife in the map area, drop height, the complexity of the scene to the piece of information in the show in front of the paladin is a magnificent magnificent architecture and scenery complementary family fortress. At the same time, the details of the deal also create many interesting scenes. [] the knife "small train" train the paladin who loved the "little train" is actually an abandoned car, Paladin can be found above the starting point in the main hall hidden in the jungle. After the cave, trees, mountains and other regions, arrived in the valley of the bridge near the ice burning. [mine] mine hole in the ice with the valley, the paladin task will be a set of processes complete reproduction of forging tool. In addition to quenching, forging and other traditional crafts, mining, the gorgeous crystal is not a scene. "[] leaves Xi Lang jade stream beside the stream, with many leaves floating on the water, full of the beauty of artistic conception. [] rainbow waterfall waterfall ice Valley next to the entrance with Arsenal will blend the jungle, Rainbow Falls, waterfall, waterfall above the rainbow, also in possession of a mysterious nine day arsenal. [] endless paths on mountain trails over the town, there is a hidden path knife beside the rocks, there are perennial lights up, maple leaf falling. [a corner of Thunder Valley entrance map] mysterious knife hidden knife Thunder Valley domineering entrance. [fall] Maple Valley valley no what special Valley, is actually the starting point the knife with a pet egg. "Sword net 3" new "style knife" shock beta, the new city of Luoyang massive game content open, thirteenth martial knife strong return, the new martial arts martial art changes, update new fam, new season, Datang arena Paladin invites join! "Sword net 3" official website of > > > Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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