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Taiwan authorities to freeze billions of dollars: white or medium range missiles under American pressure data figure: Taiwan Yunfeng plan is developed using ballistic missile ramjet engine, is still highly confidential. With a similar plan Yunfeng bomb, is deployed Tiangong two missile original title: Taiwan frozen white or Bashijiyi medium range missiles under American pressure "for" Taiwan Yunfeng "Missile Academy" took 10 years and cost NT $8 billion (about 1 billion 700 million yuan) of medium range surface to surface missile system. Taiwan "Min Bao" say 20 days, from Li Denghui, Chen Shuibian to Ma Ying-Jeou, the military with the code "W99" top secret research "Yunfeng missile plan", range from 1200 km to 2000 km have been reported, this estimate, including Beijing, Shanghai, and even the Three Gorges dam are in scope. The missile test in 2008, 2014, a small amount of production, preliminary planning production of 10 sets of launch system, each 15 to 20 missiles, the total number of targets for 500 gold. But the plan was in 2014 when President Ma Ying-Jeou shelved. In recent years, the missile from time to time to disturb cross-strait relations, but overall, the role of the decline. When the people’s Liberation Army in 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis after a missile launch, "much stimulus" Li Denghui secretly ordered the army to restore Taiwan at the end of 1982 the surface to surface missile development work, secretly developing medium range surface to surface missile with a range of more than 1000 kilometers, which is "the beginning of Zhao Yunfeng" missile. At that time, "Yunfeng", "glory two E missiles" cruise missiles and "three treasures" supersonic anti-ship missiles on the island known as the "three new bomb", as Li Denghui, the confidence of the authorities "". In 1999, Li Denghui confidant Liu Taiying threatened to attack Taiwan, if the mainland, Taiwan to Hongkong and Shanghai to retaliate against. After Chen Shuibian took office, the Taiwan authorities comprehensive adjustment of military strategy, put forward to "battle overseas" as Taiwan’s army to prepare for the direction, put forward the idea to give up the beach, with "paralysation showdown" instead of "war of attrition". With the adjustment of military strategy, the Taiwan authorities or public or private research to attack the mainland coastal and inland areas of the trump card. In 2004, the former premier Yu shyi Kun publicly threatened, "if you hit me 100 missiles, I will hit you 100 missiles". This dangerous progress until Ma Ying-Jeou came to power, to ease. August 2008 "China times" reported, according to reliable military sources said that in the "National Security Council" and "Department of defense" to adopt defensive strategy by consensus, authorities have decided that Taiwan developed the male two E cruise missile, "but to no longer improve range, stable performance, and began mass production". In 2014, "Yunfeng" plan will also enter a dormant state. "Taiwan" Yunfeng ‘plans, the only reason may come from the pressure of the United States, the United States does not want a long-range missile development in taiwan." Chen Yixin believes that the current military strategy in Taiwan, basically identified as a defense based, the development of all weapons are used for self-defense." The island network said the people, in this situation the authorities decided to give up Cai both "push" meaning is more upset. Taiwan "Wang".相关的主题文章:

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