Take my knee! Japan has a big voice contact released-519697

Take my knee! Japan has a big hit once released seiyuu anime fans quipped, painting is absolutely Japanese racial talent, many people even not a painter, but also can bring us stunning works. For example, a few days ago Cang Cang voice on their own dubbing works drawn a tail card, the results caused a lot of attention. Recently, voice Koiwai also announced its own bird drawn "demon treasure can dream" fanart. Perhaps because of their own name, there is a "bird" relationship, the draw of the three elves are all the image of birds. It should be said that the degree of reduction is very high, even in the original did not show the lovely. She drew this picture, but also express their expectations for the new series of games. In this regard, a lot of fans leave a message saying: good good cute! How to draw out ah." "It does not light is to dub bar, good-looking, also need to draw technology?" "I also made an appointment for the game, can play together?" But more anecdotes about seiyuu industry, Tencent will continue to focus on animation! Koiwai birds in early 2011 with "the blue Exorcist" later appeared in his debut, including "women’s" wave floating Pavilion walnut wood rkugo, "Tanaka always lazy" white stone "," Lotus King leisurely daily intrauterine role. But has not been disclosed to their true age. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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