Talk like this, the child will be destroyed

So to speak, the child was destroyed – Sohu mother and child like this, mother do not say so! 1 "is this what you do with such a big boy?!" When a child of 5 years old because they can’t get what you want to cry, or a child of 4 years old when the bus refused to honestly sit, he is actually doing a child of his age "should" do. Of course, if the child is more mature, sensible, decent, parents will be very happy, but when you ask him "reasonable", you are actually not clear why he will appear in such "unreasonable" behavior before they say such a reproachful word. At this time, you really care about, is actually the child to bring you the impact (embarrassing or embarrassing). Really care about his feelings, understand him and give him on compassionate and compassion — he is not enough because I feel very boring to stay here? Or is he hungry? 2 "you are a useless child!" It’s a good way to develop a sense of humor, but like, "you forgot to tighten the cap!" Such a joke, but it is likely to make the child feel injured or discouraged. Although some parents think it might be helpful to be able to take on more complex relationships in the future, he will be "strong" with "training""! This is wrong. As a parent, your task is to love and support him, help him, teach him not to take this a "setback training" hidden in the "joke". If you don’t really think he is stupid and useless, please don’t say that. 3 "why can’t you be like a child?!" This way of comparing the child with others, the most direct effect can be achieved, so that children feel like a citizen of the two, while exacerbating his opposition with others. Parents may want to make the child more obedient or more hard to learn through this comparison, but it will not have a better effect than to reduce the child’s self-confidence. The more you say he can’t, the more he will feel like you can’t do it. Parents should believe in the strength of the child, but also to face the child’s weaknesses. It is the right way to guide the children to pay attention to their behavior, develop or improve. 4 "don’t run."! You will fall!" Maybe my parents think their care and remind is meticulous, the warning you actually told him "I saw you will fall" — this will make the children feel very depressed, the more he (to do better) more fail ("run will fall")! In fact, you can tell him to tie the shoelaces and then go out to play, when you talk about his shoes, equipment is ready, rather than the child’s incompetence". Moreover, the more you want to warn against what happens, the more often you ignore your child, because he feels that you don’t even know what you’re talking about! There are 4 words, right.相关的主题文章:

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