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Business Technology increases profits, improves safety and delivers better service for customers. The average Indian traveler is fed up quarreling with taxi drivers on fares, rash driving, refusal to travel to certain parts and above all rickety vehicles that have outlived their age. Technology and customer services have come of age. People are ready to pay for good quality service and it is available round the clock by a location tracking GPS-based dispatch technology and a 24X7 customer service centre in the form of Meru cabs. What makes Meru stand apart is the quicker pick up and faster response time to a call for a cab. Each cab is fitted with GPS-based tracking device that helps to identify the nearest cab from a customer’s pick up location. The customer’s address and other details are communicated back to the driver on the display screen avoiding use of age old walky-talky or mobile phones. The printed receipt for the fare is a boon to the customer as each cab is fitted with a tamper-proof digital fare meter. What’s more the location information and fare details are continuously sent by each cab back to the control room for tracking purposes. Mr. Nilesh Sangoi, CTO, Meru Cab, says technology is making it easy to reach out to people and help provide better service; Meru cab has pioneered the concept of GPS/GPRS enabled Taxis in India. Technology is coming to the aid of customers who have long been at the mercy of the driver of the ubiquitous fiat. No longer does one have to argue about fare or even be skeptical about safety as the feature ‘panic button’ that is installed in every car enables the driver to connect to the control centre in case of an emergency. There is a first aid kit also in all vehicles just in case! People who inadvertently leave behind items can get them back through the ‘Lost and Found’ tracking system in place. It is easy as the customer has to call and inform the car number, date and time of travel which would be available on the printed fare receipt. Mobile Communication Terminal There is a Mobile Communication Terminal (MCT) in each car which has a built-in GPS receiver, LCD display screen and GPRS connectivity, helps the driver to communicate with the control room. Meru’s datacenter hosts a set of communication servers, application servers and database servers which are in constant touch with each car through GPRS. The latitude and longitude information is plotted on CIS map for real-time tracking. Better business sense and quality service The GPS will safety and delivers better service for customers. Meru cab, which was launched in April 2007, has won the NASSCOM-CN8C IT User Award in the Travel segment in recognition of the proactive and holistic approach to IT adoption. Meru cab has opened the way and provided a new leash of life to customers with GPS-enabled taxis. Meru has over 1,600 cabs across Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi, Benefits to the customer Modern air-conditioned luxury cars Quicker pick up and faster response 24X7 customer service centre Usage of clean and green fuel Tamper-proof meters, integrated with the G PS-system to ensure every fare is tracked, there by ruling out any possibility of over charging by the driver Ability to track the location of the car in ‘real time’ through the GPS technology provides security in case of an emergency Emergency security features installed in the taxi for complete safety, including display of Customer Service numbers inside each car. For more Info About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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