The Burlington mall shooting has caused 4 Dead 1 injured local no confusion – Beijing unfccc

The Burlington mall shooting has caused 4 Dead 1 injured local no confusion – Beijing, Beijing, September 24, Washington state police said local time on the evening of 23 this month in the Burlington, a shopping mall shooting incident has caused 4 people were killed and one wounded, before the announcement of the two the wounded a man because of wounds and death. According to reports, the Washington State Patrol press officer Mark? Francis had with the social networking site twitter for information release, confirm the local police received the alarm at 7 pm, an hour later confirmed 4 deaths, a murderer at large. In nearly 3 hours after the authorities cut death toll to 3 people, while a shooting suspect released a blurred image; Francis in a message informing the public that the gunman was Hispanic man, wearing a grey dress. After the shooting, police evacuated the mall, but did not release more details on the incident. It is understood that Burlington is located 105 km north of the largest city in Washington state in Seattle. The shopping center cascade covers an area of about 55 thousand square meters, a single closed structure, with more than and 50 businesses, including restaurants. According to Nbc National Broadcasting Company (NBC) reported that the Washington state police said there is no evidence that the incident was related to terrorist attacks. There are analysts said the incident is currently more calm, the case seems to have occurred in recent days, the United States and other regions of the attack and the police shot and killed the black man had nothing to do with the incident.相关的主题文章:

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