The data speaks, and apple uses 31% of the flat panel processors-winpm

Use the data speak Apple tablet processor 31% although the smartphone and tablet computer processor market ushered in 2015 year-on-year decline, but the share of Apple devices is still strong. According to Strategy  Analytics data released Friday: Apple dominated the smartphone processor market 21%, down 4 percentage points to 20 billion 100 million dollars; Qualcomm’s share is 42%; MediaTek is 19%. Although Qualcomm snapdragon processor has a large market base, but it faces fierce competition in 2015 (including Samsung’s shipments doubled). Intel has increased by 66%, but still only 1 percentage points. 2015 CPU 21% mobile phone market apple Strategy  Analytics pointed out that the 64 chip has accounted for more than half of smartphone processor shipments (Qualcomm surpassed apple in this regard). When Apple launched in 2013 in iPhone  the first dual core A7  5S; a 64 bit processor, it is also the first application in mobile phone based on the 64 bit chip ARM. Other manufacturers are still using 32 bit products, and often rely on four or more cores to improve performance. In 2015, Apple tablet CPU market occupies 31% of Apple’s iPad still leads the tablet Market in 2015 (31%), high share of 16%, Intel 14%, MTK were far behind. The market shrank by $33% to $2 billion 700 million, the first slide of a flat chip. Strategy  Analytics blamed the popularity of "tablet phones" (such as iPhone ‘Plus’), and the replacement cycle of tablet computers was longer. In fact, iPad sales have fallen in the last few quarters, and analysts think so. 数据会说话 苹果使用了31%的平板处理器   尽管智能机和平板电脑处理器市场在2015年迎来了同比下滑,但是苹果设备的份额依然强劲。根据Strategy Analytics周五发布的 数据:苹果把持了21%的智能机处理器市场,下滑了4个百分点至201亿美元;高通的份额为42%;联发科则是19%。尽管高通骁龙处理器有很大的市场基 础,但其在2015年面临的激烈的竞争(包括三星的出货翻番)。英特尔顺利增长了66%,但仍仅占1个百分点。 2015年苹果占据手机CPU市场的21%   Strategy Analytics指出,64位芯片已占智能机处理器出货量的一半多(高通在这方面超越了苹果)。   当苹果在2013年推出用在iPhone 5s上的首颗双核A7 64位处理器时,它也是首个在手机上运用的基于ARM的64位芯片。其它厂家仍在用着32位的产品,且经常依赖于四个或更多核心来提升性能。 2015年苹果占据平板CPU市场的31%   苹果iPad依然引领着2015年的平板市场(占31%),高通份额为16%,英特尔为14%,MTK则被远远甩在后面。整个市场萎缩了33%至27亿美元,这也是平板芯片的首次滑坡。   Strategy Analytics将之归咎于“平板手机”的流行(比如iPhone ‘Plus’),且平板电脑的更换周期更长。事实上,过去几个季度的iPad销量下滑,分析师们也是这么认为的。相关的主题文章:

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