The dispatch of alcoholic liquor billion yuan of funds in the families of missing case fermentation-k-boxing

"Alcoholic liquor billion yuan of funds to the disappearance of the families had issued" fermentation "of listed companies create a great sensation of alcoholic liquor billion yuan of funds missing case recently because of the family, Li Shuang (a pseudonym) in a well-known online community issued a document once again attracted public attention. Li said, according to another involved party family Ms. Fang master the hotel consumption records show, Hunan Xiangxi police handling related expenses in Zhejiang Milan international Holiday Inn is for the parties to pay "alcoholic liquor". Li Shuang said that the hotel registration and consumption records show: January 19, 2014, wine ghost wine project leader Chen Moumou Xiangxi public security personnel and financial Moumou often alcoholic liquor a total of 31 people, settled here in handling cases, the cumulative total of more than 76000 yuan, the cost by the alcoholic liquor company financial bill. It is reported that Li Shuang, the husband of this post is a private entrepreneur in Zhejiang, January 2016 was the first instance of Hunan Province, the Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi intermediate people’s court as a financial certificate fraud, sentenced to 14 years. Chen Peiming was involved in the disappearance of alcoholic liquor billion yuan of funds, from an investment project. In 2013, the government of Mudanjiang Chen Peiming and Heilongjiang Province signed a cooperation agreement, the central red "dangerous transformation project, to start the project as soon as possible, Chen Peiming found life River (one of the defendant) loans, and to find the legal representative of Nanjing Shou Gang Yazun gold wine luoguang. A trial of the case verdict, November 2013, Luo Guang Shou River et al to the alcoholic liquor supply company 6 million yuan to buy high priced wine, alcoholic liquor and to pay 6 million 450 thousand yuan subsidy "". As a "condition", Shou requirements alcoholic liquor supply and marketing company in Hangzhou river bank HuaFeng Road branch deposit 100 million yuan, and make within one year without early withdrawal and transfer, pledge, no loss, do not investigate, do not open online banking and telephone banking "six commitments". After the signing of the agreement, 100 million yuan through the bank counter transfer to the hands of Chen Peiming got Shou River, which is 39 million yuan, after which most of the money put into the project, and to the river to return the 11 million yuan. In January 2014, 100 million yuan of funds to alcoholic liquor announcement that a subsidiary of alcoholic liquor supply and marketing limited liability company in Hangzhou branch of Agricultural Bank Chinese AFP Road branch is all to go, "suspected of theft, and to report to the police. Related papers showed that "alcoholic liquor" that 100 million yuan of funds from the bank counter are transferred, to negotiate the repayment matters with the relevant personnel involved. After fruitless negotiations, alcoholic liquor, select a report, and a delay of 18 days of announcement, the Hunan Securities Regulatory Bureau punishment. In January 20, 2016, Hunan Province, Xiangxi intermediate court verdicts, JiuGuiJiu billion yuan of funds to the disappearance of 6 defendants guilty of a crime of financial certificate fraud. Although the initial conviction, but what is the use of funds to collude with the bank’s malicious theft cases, or wine prices and the use of funds Fang Dacheng gray loan business, the parties are still controversial, appeal. In May 5, 2016, the case by the Hunan Provincial Higher People’s court in Hunan Province, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Jishou City Court of second instance trial, the court did not in court for sentencing. Responsible for public relations of the alcoholic liquor COFCO Wines Ltd. PR person in charge.相关的主题文章:

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