The Double Ninth Festival Tan Jing mentor to the embodiment of gratitude ceremony with the mother of-minmi

The Double Ninth Festival Tan Jing mentor to the embodiment of gratitude ceremony with the mother of all living "entertainment festival – Sohu to mentor Tan Jing with gratitude ceremony. Tan Jing and the teacher to walk the red carpet. Sohu entertainment news the evening of October 9th, coincides with the traditional Chinese festival festival, with a burst of wind bell sounded, let the audience the long-awaited "Baoen Festival" has finally opened its mysterious veil, premiered at the Museum of Dabao’en temple ruins. This is the world’s first museum theatre of the real performance had been successful in national level actors starred in many film drama, Chinese contemporary pop music to create the cross national, popular, Bel three singing together singing style singer Tan Jing guest starred in "the mother of all living", and sang the theme song "heart lights". The incarnation of Tan Jing the mother of all the living incarnation of Tan Jing the mother of all the living that night, Tan Jing in Nanjing met the teacher, China Conservatory of Music Professor Zhu thought, and excited holding his mentor onto the red carpet, grateful parents, and creative and the audience together lit "gratitude ceremony". The famous singer Sun Nan and actor Huang Yiye Buyuanqianli came to watch the show. "Gratitude Festival" creation and production team, have successfully created a "impression" – Liu Sanjie "" Tianmen fox – "Princess Wencheng new woodcutter Liu" such as performance of real landscape works. The play by the Chinese performance of real landscape landscape Festival founder and soul of Mei shuaiyuan served as artistic director, general director, the young artist Zhang Xiao featuring screenwriter, composer, director, Professor of Fudan University, Mr. Qian Wenzhong served as a cultural advisor, famous singer Tan Jing sang the theme song and starred in " " mother; role. The drama with the theme of gratitude, gratitude, tells the story of Zhu Dijian tower Xuan Zang learn from three life story, the Buddha monk enlightenment. The show is Tan Jing and landscape Festival again. 4 years ago, produced by the landscape Festival starring Tan Jing epic "musical" Princess Wencheng into the National Theatre, becoming the phenomenon of theater, and this work eventually to live performance in the form of staged in Lhasa. Tan Jing said, she sang the "heart light" to express emotions "and" Princess Wencheng to borrow a different play lines to express: "all beings are my parents. In the endless life, they will do my loved ones at a time and place. In order to understand Huaikang gratitude heart. So, she will deduce a symbol of "the mother of all living" maternal light, completed by the "Princess Wencheng" to "warm" the metamorphosis of the mother of all living! Since married a girl, Tan Jing this year has been gradually fading out of the tent of meeting, at ease at home xiangfujiaozi, the study also obsessed with calligraphy and musical performances, rarely participate in, only can let her conscious devotion, and "mother" is related to public welfare activities. When the mother of Tan Jing was because motherhood responsibility and not easy, in addition to taking good care of your family, it will be the main energy invested all in our country and the cause of maternal left-behind children group relief activities attention and promote them. Tan Jing attended the "gratitude Festival" Tan Jing himself had a star mother group, Li Xiang, Zhang Ziyi, Liu Tao and others will often share parenting knowledge in them. This.相关的主题文章:

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