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The examination enrollment record in Hubei catching the hottest jobs 924:12017 the national civil servant exam ended yesterday. As of 17:30 yesterday, were reviewed by 1338698 people, more than last year more than 5.4 people, all in the history of China’s civil registration ended the hottest day in 2014 1 million 360 thousand, in addition there are still 223 jobs no one over the trial. Job location in Hubei, 40041 people through the audit, the hottest of the top 1 positions in the competition for the 924. Nearly a million people in the country to fight a record breaking according to the public education statistics, as of the end of the registration, the average competition ratio of 2017 countries was 49:1, slightly higher than the end of last year’s 46:1. The hottest jobs to the NLD central office reception director and the following position, competition is 9837:1, more than 2013 countries admitted to the National Bureau of investigation team Hechuan business department as a clerk in the history of the highest value of 9411:1, to become the new national test the highest point of competition. 1 million 338 thousand is not the final registration data, eligibility will continue, will be at 26 PM, at the end of 6. The next one or two days, the number of applicants will continue to rise, the public education experts are expected to break through the final test in 2014, the country’s final trial of the 1 million 520 thousand, a record. Experts statistics for the past 8 years, the number of the number of candidates at the end of the examination, only in 2010, in 2013, in 2014 more than 1 million 300 thousand people. Candidates have not yet passed the audit to always pay attention to their audit dynamics. Hubei is the hottest position 924:1 according to the analysis of public education in Hubei, at 17:30 yesterday, registration through the audit position number and competition for the highest percentage of Three Gorges Maritime Bureau law enforcement brigade staff post, recruiting 1 people, 924 people over the trial, the competitive ratio is 924:1, this year became the hottest jobs in Hubei Province in the exam. The job recruitment restrictions is broad, in addition to the professional requirements of "chemistry and Applied Chemistry" and "Bachelor degree requirements (Xian Benke)", no other restrictions. To participate in the national civil service examination group, the majority of undergraduate candidates, in fact, only one of the limitations of the professional conditions. Hubei province this year, only 3 jobs Zhaolu chemical related majors, the other two were of analytical chemistry and chemical biology, resulting in the chemical professional candidates get together in this position. Hubei, a total of 10 jobs no one to apply for, involving the weather bureau, the CBRC, the maritime safety administration, the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau in the eyes of candidates is a very good unit. These no candidates have some common positions: first, for the "four project" personnel recruiting, including 6 post service expires and pass the examination, so despite the restrictions in the professional degree, the last is not strict, can apply for the group is still limited. Secondly, the qualifications and experience required. Finally, apply the attitude will also affect the choice of candidates, if the number of candidates is not up to test the proportion of jobs will be reduced or cancelled, in order to avoid the risk of post cancelled, no candidates will not dare to sign up. College entrance examination threshold rate of the highest according to the analysis of the Chinese public education experts, in 2017 the national examination enrollment presents the following characteristics: first, the central level of the highest rate of registration, only 3 jobs nameless相关的主题文章:

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