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The female owner died of gas poisoning in a few days to leave the dog cry – Sohu news yesterday afternoon, Hefei City Road, Feihong Pi River District of a beauty salon, the female owner was found in the store of gas poisoning, has died a few days. Neighbors said recently heard the barking of the dog came the shop of some strange, but did not attract their attention. Yesterday, the gate shop was opened, but the store has been in the dog howl, unwilling to leave. The beauty salon is located in Hefei City, Pi River Road Feihong District, reporters rushed to the scene, forensic and police are on-site investigation, preliminary investigation by the police, the store has placed the briquette furnace and slept on the sofa beside the stove. According to the son of the deceased, they are Bengbu people, whose mother is about 50 years old, in the rental business beauty salon has been a few years. In order to open the door as soon as possible after the Spring Festival, the 1th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar arrived from home to Hefei. At first, the deceased also contacted with the family phone, but since February 17th, the phone has no answer, call again prompted to shut down. "Our hearts are guilty of muttering, early in the morning deliberately came from his hometown." The son, the mother came to the door of the store found the gate locked, unlock the company opened the door after they entered the store, the son of a dog started to hear her mother call, did not see the mother figure, to the two floor look "failed, looking down from the stairs and saw my mother lying in the corner in the sofa, the body is covered with a quilt." Amber police station said that the matter has been initially ruled out the case may be, or the deceased stove gas poisoning accidentally when heating, the death time is about two days. Several neighbors said the dead love dogs, "people are gas poisoning, the dog at all right?" this would not leave the constantly whine dog is a Pekingese dog. As a reporter to leave the scene, the Pekingese dog still stay in the store, in any case driven are reluctant to leave. A pet doctor told reporters in Hefei City pet hospital, the puppy will also die of gas poisoning, but the resistance is much stronger than human, so it can survive. (Jianghuai morning paper)

女店主中煤气中毒身亡数日 小狗哀叫不愿离开-搜狐新闻  昨日下午,合肥市淠河路飞虹小区内一家美容美发店,女店主被发现在店内煤气中毒,已经身亡数日。邻居称近期听到店内传出的狗吠声有些异样,但没有引起他们的注意。昨日,事发店铺的卷闸门被打开,但店内的小狗一直在哀叫,不愿意离开。   出事的美容美发店位于合肥市淠河路飞虹小区内,记者赶到现场时,法医和民警正在现场勘查,经警方初步查明,店内摆放有煤球炉,死者就睡在煤球炉旁边的沙发上。   据死者的儿子介绍,他们是蚌埠人,其母亲今年50岁左右,在此租房经营美容美发店已有几年时间。为了春节后尽早开门营业,农历正月初一就从老家赶到了合肥。起先,死者还与家人电话联系,但从2月17日开始,电话便无人接听,再拨打便提示关机了。   “我们心里就在犯嘀咕了,一大早特意从老家赶了过来。”死者儿子介绍,来到母亲店铺门前发现卷闸门紧锁,开锁公司打开门后他们进入了店内,死者儿子一开始只听到母亲养的狗在叫,没见其母亲身影,到二楼寻找也未果,“从楼梯上往下看,看到我妈妈躺在角落里的沙发上,身上还盖着被子。”   辖区琥珀派出所称此事已初步排除案件可能,死者或是生炉取暖时不慎煤气中毒,死亡时间大约两天。   多名邻居称,死者喜欢养狗,“人都煤气中毒了,狗咋没事?”这条不愿离开不断哀叫的小狗是一条京巴狗。截至记者离开现场时,这条京巴狗仍然呆在店内,无论如何驱赶都不愿离开。   合肥市宠物医院一名医生告诉记者,小狗也会煤气中毒死亡,但抵抗能力比人类要强很多,所以能幸存下来。(江淮晨报)相关的主题文章:

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