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The first two sections in the sale of moon cake business investigation found problems on the spot ordered rectification – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Yuan Guoli) reporter yesterday from Fengtai industrial and commercial bureau was informed that with the mid autumn national day double approaching, industrial and commercial personnel to inspect the moon cake market, and the market of strict security check. The market was found Tianxing businesses in the market such as smoking, law enforcement officers on the spot ordered rectification. It is understood that the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the moon cake, a superb collection of beautiful things has already begun in the super counter. Fengtai branch of industry and Commerce in accordance with the previous report on the situation of consumption of moon cake, moon cake market in advance for inspection. The relevant license business license, law enforcement officers of supermarket licenses were examined, and the relevant qualification requires businesses in a prominent position in suspension, so that consumers can easily identify. At the beginning of moon cake sales counters, law enforcement officers to check into the sales ledger and quality inspection and quarantine certificate of moon cakes, moon cake packaging site to see, to see whether the complete written name and address and other relevant information. Because the moon cake brand variety, various manufacturers in order to increase sales, publicity is also hard exhaust all the skills. In this regard, the law enforcement officers to check the posters, brochures and other materials within the big business, to see whether there are exaggerated propaganda, false propaganda and other illegal acts. With the two approaches, the security market in the Dahongmen area of the business sector also caused attention. Recently, the Fengtai branch of the industrial and commercial market Tianxing aisle, businesses inside of the security check. Law enforcement officers found part of the merchant security awareness, smoking in the market, and unauthorized storage of batteries in the shops. Inspection of the scene to the person in charge of the business were warned to urge its immediate rectification.相关的主题文章:

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