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The five Jen Moon Official Standard stumped manufacturers: olive kernel 210 yuan a pound too expensive five Jen moon olive kernel original title: five Jen moon cake manufacturers new GB spot near the Mid Autumn Festival, mooncakes ushered in the popular quarter. This is the "moon new standard" implemented after the first mid autumn festival. Since the standard stipulated the main varieties of fillings had suffered network controversy of the five Jen moon cake should contain, which has a taste of "olive kernel" really rare, so that the original is "red" became the focus of the five Jen moon. Responsible for answering the "new standards" of the National Standardization Technical Committee pastry baking products technical committee advisory telephone Dabao "". Beijing morning news reporter recently visited the market also found that the supermarket five benevolence moon cake configuration is varied, and the vast majority are not olive. The new national standard, the focus is mainly on the olive kernel. Olive distribution in Guangdong, Guangxi area, the output is very low, after only some of the enterprises in Guangdong. Purchase of the wholesale price is 210 yuan, if all the use of olive kernel, moon cake prices naturally rose sharply. Visit the five Jen moon "all kinds of" five Jen moon in recent years has been mind, one side is to let the five Jen moon get out of moon cake circles ", the other side is the major supermarkets moon cake counter, many brands have launched the five Jen moon. Five Ren moon cake ingredients are what? The State Administration of quality inspection and China National Standardization Management Committee issued the "new moon GB" clearly pointed out that the five Jen moon refers to the use of walnuts, almonds, olive kernels, Gua Ziren, sesame seeds and other 5 major raw material into the moon cake stuffing. However, the Beijing Morning Post reporter visited the market found that this year with the five Jen moon cake gift box was significantly reduced, but also a lot of "nickname", Beijing five kernels, refined five kernels, nuts moon cake, pork,   Wu Ren Su five kernels. The manufacturers of five Ren moon cake ingredients are multifarious. For example, Beijing daoxiaochun reunion good month gift box Beijing five Jen moon cake, including sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, peanut, sesame seed, walnut kernel; bulk five Jen moon cake contains white melon seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts. Le Qi Wu Ren cakes five Ren including peanut, sesame seed, cashew, almond, Gua Ziren. The Su style moon cakes made in Shanghai, there are six kinds of nuts five Jen moon cake, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts, almonds and olive kernels. Manufacturers of olive production and the lack of the price of five yuan on the market to reduce your moon and the name of a variety of names, and the new moon cake in the end there is no relationship between the implementation? Beijing daoxiangcun deputy general manager Sun Peng introduced, the new national standard, the five kernel requirements focus primarily focused on "olive kernel". Olive distribution in Guangdong, Guangxi area, the output is very low, after only some of the enterprises in Guangdong. If the goods to be temporary, with the cooperation of the enterprises are unable to raise raw materials, and the current output of olive is obviously difficult to meet the needs of the country. Sun Peng said, Beijing daoxiaochun produced wide type five Jen Moon Cake Ingredients for decades has not changed, is white melon seeds, sesame seed, walnut prop相关的主题文章:

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