The G5 configuration information caused by exposure of Weichai October, car peo

The G5 configuration information caused by exposure of Weichai   October, car October 14 Beijing Xinhua (E Zhichao) recently, the network exposed the latest configuration information by G5 British Weichai car models, two entry models pre-sale price and previous exposure were 69 thousand and 800 yuan and 75 thousand and 800 yuan, the new car plan in October officially listed. The British G5 caused by Weichai car launched the first seven SUV, equipped with 1.5L engine is expected to launch a total of 7 models. The seat arrangement will be divided into 2+2+3 and 2+3+2 two. The new car will be standard front airbags, ABS+EBD, reversing radar, four wheel brakes, headlight delay close, a drop of power window, the light inside the car delay closure configuration. Higher configuration models will also have leather steering wheel, traffic recorder, keyless entry, 16 inch display, as well as intelligent interconnected systems. In terms of power, the British G5 will be equipped with 1.5L engine, maximum power of 113 horsepower, peak torque of up to 141 cattle m, transmission part of the matching speed of 5 manual or CVT gearbox. The new car will be launched in the future as well as 5 1.5T, the 6 models. Comment: English G5 will be the brand’s first seven SUV, presumably on the current domestic market for seven SUV potential demand. However, the British G5 body size is not large, the 7 seat after the ride is probably more general feeling, it may be the main competitive price. (commissioning editor E Zhichao and Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

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