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Lazy cancer + chowhound Gospel: Alphabet test UAV delivery made by Mexico new volume: the author Stacy Liberatore, from dailymail, made by the new exclusive compilation, without permission to reprint! Go downstairs, the UAV room door, can stay at home to eat meal is numerous reeky lazy cancer patients and chowhound buddies dream. Recently, all the American people really started UAV + takeaway — Exploration of the technology giant Alphabet company Project Wing project and the fast-food chain Chipotle carried out experiments of cooperation projects, they plan in the next few weeks, at the Virginia Tech to provide UAV delivery volume of Mexico service. This hybrid UAV will fly to Chipotle set the food loaded freight distribution center (instead of a particular Chipotle chain store), then circled above the crowd, when someone orders, they will use the rope to put food. In this process, the R & D team can detect UAV navigation system accuracy. In addition, researchers on how to through improved packaging, in the process of delivery of food preservation, enables consumers to eat hot food have shown great interest. In 2014, Alphabet unveiled the mystery of their two – year drone program for the first time. These drones are built by Google’s parent company Alphabet 1.5 security research and development projects X. Dave Vos director Project Wing explained that the delivery of unmanned delivery or pick up the opportunity to automatically order goods, at the same time, according to the FAA flight regulations, in case of necessity fly hand will deliberate manipulation of the uav. Of course, there are other regulations to limit the UAV flying over the crowd, so to book the volume of students in Mexico need to do self-protection measures, such as wearing a helmet or something. Although in the test this month will only last a few weeks, but Dave Vos director Project Wing told Bloomberg from Alan Levin, this is Project Wing project group for the first time the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to consumers "direct delivery of food, is also the first to receive the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) UAV delivery project approval. The valid data collected during the whole flight test will be aggregated to FAA so that they can better develop the rules for the delivery of uavs. In fact, the FAA of the United States Shipping UAV has very strict restrictions and regulations, which slowed down the development of this industry to a great extent. Last month, however, the white house gave the green light to Alphabet, which was able to launch a drone test on an open space. The White House initiative was designed to provide a better understanding of UAV technology and the need for a more comprehensive understanding of the necessary security measures. According to Peng Bo received a message from the White House Office of science and technology policy L相关的主题文章:

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