The interpretation of data of Uzbekistan Guoan striker Wang Feng Ba area high score-marie digby

Data interpretation: Uzbekistan Guoan striker Wang Feng Ba area, Sergeyev source: how to break up the football Beijing time Rui search in October 11th 21, the Orangemen will be away 12 fourth round opponent Uzbekistan. The first three rounds of Harding Park, 2 wins and 1 negative 6 points behind the Uzbekistan team in third, and 1 flat 2 negative 1 points of the national football team behind the fifth. Effect of Uzbekistan on the list of "Central Asia wolf" array Super League, the Russian super striker respectively 3 and 2. In this game, the Orangemen array of Zhang Linpeng accumulated yellow card suspension, and the most abundant experience and izmailov Uzbekistan back line has been in the national team Heinrich scored 31 goals for the same. In front of Uzbekistan defender Kerry Metz, striker Sergeyev was playing for Beijing Guoan LETV, which Sergeyev has scored 5 goals in the world cup. National foot and Uzbekistan had a total of 10 times, the foot of the country’s 4 wins and 1 draws and 5 losses, which in the Asian Cup group stage in the 2015, the country had to win the 2-1, goals are Wu Xi, sun yi. The two teams clash history 40 finals and 12 strong match after three rounds, Uzbekistan scored 22 goals to lose 8 balls, the positional warfare winger, is Uzbekistan’s main road with the way of scoring in set pieces, they also erudite. Uzbekistan Uzbekistan the World Cup goal analysis into the goal action figure: goal: Qatar 0-1 Uzbekistan, free kicks, Crimee Mainz scoring goals: Uzbekistan 3-1 Korea, winger, Sergeyev scored the goal: Yemen 1-3 Uzbekistan road with Djeparov, scoring goals: Philippines 1-5 Uzbekistan, long ball, Sergeyev scored the goal. Philippines 1-5 Uzbekistan, corner, Sergeyev conceded a goal: Uzbekistan 0-1 Iran, by positioning the ball broke: Uzbekistan conceded 3-1 North Korea winger, is broke相关的主题文章:

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