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After whatever period of maddening pain and perplexing transformation a womans body is put through, courtesy of babys delivery, breast feeding may be the last thing in any mothers mind. However, the job is still pending without the breast milk given first to the new born infant as a crucial step. Experts recommend that this should be done within thirty minutes to one hour after the birth of the baby. Moreover, this should be done continuously for a period of at least six months after which mothers are given freedom as the indubitable owners of the source of this important ingredient of a babys early life. – experts draws a big difference between those babies who are breastfed for at least six months and those who survive on animal milk from goats, cattle and the like. They state that those who never tasted their mothers breast milk have higher chances of dying while still little than those who did. So it saves babys lives. Well balanced diet Prevents stunt growth – I am sure you must have seen those babies who do not grow big yet they have the best of appetite. The big question would be what food does the mother fill his or her little belly with? If its not wholly or partly breast milk, then the baby may have growth and development problems. Disease protection – you and I acknowledge that this entire process of conception in human and animals is a mystery of God, but the way he designed the food for the unborn is even more amazing. Breast milk contains antibodies that protect the babys health especially against diarrhea and other respiratory infections. It does also protect it from allergies because the same antibodies protect the babys gut preventing harmful substances to pass into the blood stream. Good hygiene Adequate water – your babys tiny body need about eighty percent of water an d minerals, now forcing it to suck a bottle of water or a mineral drink after another is foolish to attain this level. Your breast milk is the answer! Strong bones, teeth and jaw- breast milk contains calcium in right ratio which is chief in bones, teeth and jaw development. Proper bond between mother and the baby- this has a lot to do with the method of breastfeeding which is face or eye to eye hence this enables the baby to socially develop well. The colostrum – this is the breast milk the infant sucks first which acts as a laxative, cleaning its stomach as well as guarding it from diseases. Benefits you as mother achieves from breastfeeding Stimulate your milk production – although many first time mothers refuse to breast feed their infants, those who are lovers of their babys well being will ask for it as soon as it is cleaned up after birth. 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