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The market force ran out of acceleration – Ningxia Channel – still facing severe economic environment and operating pressure, Ningxia industry will produce what kind of an answer? Open the region’s industrial economy report, each index Piaohong: above scale industrial growth rate by a quarter of 2% gradually rose to 1-8 months of 7.4%, 1.4 percentage points higher than the national light industry; growth of more than 15%, accounting for the same period last year increased by 1.8 percentage points; scale to non-public industrial growth of more than 14% private investment growth; more than 20%…… Steady growth, transformation and upgrading, project construction, cost reduction, I district industrial economy market force, and move on. Playing the "four tough battle" to curb industrial cliff decline in the first 2 months of this year, affected by the market demand and other unfavorable factors, my area of industrial decline in economic growth is large, "cliff" decline. The region above scale industrial added value of 11 billion 400 million yuan, down by 4.7%, the first negative growth since 2010. The critical moment, the regional party committee and government through intensive research, introduced the "on promoting the steady growth in the industrial economy and the requirements of the opinions", by letter system resolutely fight the steady growth, transformation and upgrading, project construction, reduce the cost of four battle. Scientific and accurate judgments, look far ahead from a high plane pointed out the development direction of vision, for our industrial zone. To fight the "four tough battle", effectively curb industrial decline in economic growth momentum, autonomous commission by letter over the industrial downward and the specific reasons for existence of serious problems analysis, specific measures, requirements of the country on the basis of preliminary work, seize the current price stabilized micro liter "window period", and further increase the implementation of the policy and efforts. Continue to deepen the business line, and effectively help enterprises solve problems. The implementation of accounting system for key enterprises difficult problem, monthly reconciliation pin number; take responsibility for key construction projects, according to the time node, tracking the implementation of regular publicity schedule, special funds focus on supporting measures to effectively solve the difficulties and problems of project construction supervision; the Ministry of industry and information technology to promote the production of diagnostic investigation, the number of Enterprises above the scale of production by the beginning of the year of the 220 households reduced to 145 households in August. The transformation and upgrading, ignite the optimization and upgrading of the new engine of economic development structure, strategy of industrial economy in our region become decisive way and head forward. As a breakthrough in the regulation of industrial structure, I adhere to the integration of industrialization and informatization, adhere to the manufacturing and service integration, adhere to the integration of technology innovation and industry innovation, completed the "Chinese manufacturing 2025 Ningxia action plan", the organization declared national key areas of 30 major projects, reporting to the Ministry of Chinese 2025 city pilot and demonstration of manufacturing enterprise individual champion for construction projects, the state key construction funds. Urged the group to participate in sharing the construction industry innovation center, 3D printing manufacturing countries, driving into electrical, shenhuaningxiacoal group, the best technology for the Ministry of intelligent manufacturing and application of a new model of project support, Wu Zhong instrument confirmed the Ministry for Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot demonstration. In order to promote the "two integration" and the transformation of traditional industries, the autonomous region by letter Committee issued "to promote the whole"相关的主题文章:

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