The media called Liberation Army military and Taiwan US military air confrontation in response to th

The media called "Liberation Army military and Taiwan US military air confrontation" in response to the Department of Defense Information: China military exercise "to go to the Western Pacific sea power" original title: media said the PLA military and Taiwan US military air defense confrontation "in response to reporters: there are media reports, in September 12th, the air force China organization conducted training period, once Chinese appeared in mainland and Taiwan and the United States military confrontation in the air Chinese thrilling situation. Please introduce the relevant circumstances. The second question, recently reported that the media, Russia will be delivered by the end of 2016, China’s first batch of 4 Su -35. Please confirm. Yang Yujun: on the first question. The report does not conform to the facts. In mid September, I organized more fighters to go to the Western Pacific high seas during the training, no abnormal situation. About second questions. Sino Russian military cooperation to maintain a healthy development momentum, the two sides in the fields of Aeronautics cooperation projects are in accordance with the plan to move forward. Reporter: the biennial Zhuhai air show will be held. In recent years, the exhibition has become a platform for the Chinese military to publicly display air weapons and technical achievements. Please describe the relevant plans to participate in the Zhuhai airshow Chinese military. Can appear military situation or other relevant information? Yang Yujun: how about the Zhuhai air show, I do not grasp the current situation. The host department will timely release relevant information show.相关的主题文章:

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