The Mekong River action at the box office grand track bad reviews by rolling –

"The Mekong River action" at the box office:   "grand track" bad reviews by rolling   – entertainment channel — original title: bad account, the audience is no longer a bad film at the box office, buy one abnormal phenomenon in the No one shows any interest in the National Day holiday, finally changed. The National Archives in the two film "grand track" and the "trump card" with ACE, the former has a zombie like reality CG effects, the latter is still selling a few decades ago Hong Kong comedy old terrier. But this time, the audience does not buy it. After Guo Jingming’s "time" and Jing Wong’s "Macao vice" series despite being identified as bad, but still in the box office success. But the movie shoot more, the director’s credibility was overdrawn, the audience will no longer be. In contrast to the two film is based on a true case adaptation of "the Mekong River action" theme theme with successful commercialization, after the release of word of mouth, row piece, box office continued to rise, is expected to become the National Archives at the box office. The success of the Mekong action may be able to explain, rely on the stars, marketing pull to the box office has not worked, in good faith to do the film to capture the hearts of the audience. "China can finally take a gangster film such a good plot, compact P, both Kuangfu justice, but also reflect the drug traffickers ugly sinister and ruthless, people feel the Chinese police force." "Took the international fan children!" Special effects, scenes, high-tech equipment does not lose Hollywood blockbuster." In the movie rating website, users of the "action" of the Mekong Kuazan words everywhere. Some netizens even said that this piece of this year to save the national archives. From the row of film on the Mekong River, "action" premiere in September 30th the day of the row piece volume is only 20%, lower than the 31.8% "grand track" and "passing from your world" in October 1st 27%, arranged in the national archives is the bottom four blockbusters. But in the promotion of the audience, "the Mekong" box office rising all the way, finally in October 4th the single day box office reached 76 million yuan, more than September 29th has been ranked the top grossing one-day "passing from your world". As of October 7th, the Mekong River, the total box office has reached 540 million yuan. The final box office is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan, become the main theme of the most popular movies. The creative adaptation of the real theme and the visual presentation of the Hollywood blockbuster is the key to the success of the Mekong action. The film adaptation in 2011 10? 5 Mekong massacre, which according to the reality theme works, often because the subject reason has many restrictions that many filmmakers flinch, but the film creation broke through many difficulties, the subject matter of the taboo. Critics have pointed out that Nianqun, film is not limited to the reality itself, but the story of the characters, re positioning, architecture art reality. "The hero in the film as we ever see the police as’ high book ‘, but true to life, smoking, swearing, or even a qiangbeng off arrested drug gangsters head. The detection process of the case is also re constructed, real life poisoning first glutinous Kang was arrested)相关的主题文章:

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