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The most suitable for Halloween city – "ghost" or "dangerous"? Sohu – tourism Halloween falls, each party one after another. Everyone in the play "ghost" festival, city — Guatemala city. Latin America Guatemala’s capital to all I accept a ghost and contrast of Guatemala City, as its name implies, is famous for its "danger". Guatemala City, Guatemala’s capital, is the ten most dangerous city in the world. In this country, the government and the police are the most unreliable, usually, anyone can become the object of robbery, is a veritable crime city. Women are said to be hearing animals, Guatemala, the country’s name sounds so that people do not feel so safe, must not be like a woman. Someone jokingly asked me, why do some countries call themselves "dangerous", then there are people go? In fact, its English name is Guatemala, more accurate translation should be called "ghost horse", but, claiming to be "ghost", then no one to go! Of course, the Taiwanese are still relatively elegant translation, called "Guatemala", at least it sounds a lot easier. Guatemala and China because there is no established diplomatic relations, so people know little about it is very rare. What does it mean to have diplomatic relations with China? Simply put, there is no embassy or consulate in China, so you can not get a visa in China, it can not directly from China to the country. In addition, the country is not in China embassy or consulate, so if anything happen to you in the local, can not find the Chinese embassy, there is no official can help you. If you need help, you can go to the nearest embassy, for example, in Guatemala accident, you can return to Mexico, the Embassy in Mexico China seeking help, of course, division of labor, Guatemala is responsible for the China Embassy in Costa Rica, just some inconvenience to Costa Rica farther. There is a way, is to find the Embassy of the Republic of China, under normal circumstances, in addition to the loss of hard events such as passports, Taiwan compatriots are still very happy to help. Remove the "alarmist" phenomenon, in fact, Guatemala is a very special country. It is the birthplace of the world famous Baroque art, but also the center of the Mayan culture, as well as the world’s best coffee, no one. Due to the extraordinary entry of Guatemala, doomed this will not be an ordinary journey. An entry, all the officials, passers-by, taxi drivers, all look strange to us: be careful! Careful be! Get jittery. On the road, all the police are holding a live ammunition armed image that I almost thought back in the middle east…… Nobody can speak English here, all speak the same language exchange. Because not doing your homework in advance, we accidentally broke into the minefield of Guatemala City — in the middle of the night. Me.相关的主题文章:

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